In lifeGroup, people at all different stages of their spiritual journey grow together in Christian fellowship as they regularly gather together to read and apply God's WORD, PRAY for each other and those far from God, and LOVE each other.

At the Church we live life together in lifeGroup. Small groups that meet regularly in each others homes or other agreed upon locations. We read and apply God's WORD and challenge and support each other as we grow.  We PRAY together as God's Word and our lives prompt us, for each other and for those we know or may someday know who are not yet connected to life in Jesus.  And we love each other and support each other as we live life together. Authentic biblical community requires deep connections. Our connection to other people is at the heart of our Christian experience. Though we often experience worship in a large setting with many other people, authentic connections happen most effectively in smaller groups where there is opportunity for dialog and relationships.  In lifeGroup, people at all different stages of their spiritual journey grow together in Christian fellowship as they regularly gather together to read and apply God's WORD, PRAY for each other and those far from God and LOVE each other.

Below you can view all of our lifeGroups. Read through their descriptions and contact the lifeGroup leader for more information about their group.

Our lifeGroup Director,  Jeff Meyer would be happy to help you connect to a group. Contact him by email or call to chat at 608.271.2811 ext12.



Jim Haas
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We mostly have empty nesters, but a collective heart for Jesus. We desire to connect, build relationships and serve others who are around us.


Gumm lifeGroup
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We're a Fitchburg group and currently meet on Monday nights, but we're flexible and will always be willing to discuss meeting on a different day of the week.  We're a group of couples who have kids ranging from 1-13 years old, and we welcome anyone, Church-goer or not, who'd like to give lifeGroup a go.  Our typical lifeGroup night includes a potluck-style  dinner and discussions about what we've experienced (life stuff) and what we've learned (e.g. reading The Story) in the week since our last meeting. We hope you'll try us out and let us share why we think lifeGroup is aweekly routine worth embracing!  Plus, if you come to the Gumms' house, Matt will let your kids play his drums!

Jeff and Amy Meyer
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The Meyers' love Jesus and are overjoyed to be able to have friends to gather with on a weekly basis. We live life together and enjoy life in Jesus with people of all ages. Our group is truly intergenerational and includes children ages 2 through Senior in High School. We learn so much from each other and have been excited to see a number of groups and leaders come out of our group. It is our passion to multiply disciples, leaders and churches.

Phil and Jen Wood
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Our lifegroup is comprised of 20-30ish year olds from every walk of life. We have singles, new families, couples, you name it. We live mostly west side and downtown and rotate house and cooking duties. We really focus on being a community and taking care of each other outside of "lifegroup time" as much as we can. We also try to be community focused and mix up meetings with fun outings and service events.


Chad and Julie Koch
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Chad and Julie Koch

This Bellville-based lifeGroup includes singles and couples in their 20's and 30's, but we welcome all ages. We do a lot of things together and are excited about serving in our community. Weekly meetings days are flexible and vary based on our work schedules.

Bart and Karen Hettenbach
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Our group meets typically on Monday evenings but is flexible.  We enjoy fellowship and sharing a meal together.  Our word time is a time for all of us to learn more about God's plan for our lives and we share the responsibility of leading during this time.


Kirsten and Adrian Adshead
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We meet on Wednesday nights alternating between our homes. We have  married couples with young children (ages 1 1/2-4, with  2 babies on the way).  We live on the West Side of Madison, Verona and near Mt. Horeb.  We enjoy having great conversation and getting to know each other better and growing in our relationship with God.

Andrea Cavonis and Anne DeChamps
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Cavonis and DeChamps

Hello!  Our group is eclectic.  We are a blend of friends in our mid-20's to early-30's at various points in life (single, married, married with children, and various stages of our walk with Jesus).  We meet every Wednesday night from 6:30-8:30 p.m. usually at someone's home on the west side of Madison.  Typically we share a meal, play a game, encourage each other in the daily grind of life and spend time in God's word.  Other times you will find us serving in the community at places such as a local food pantry and harvesting vegetables at a garden to be donated to others.  We also enjoy social opportunities in the community like Trivia Nights at local restaurants.  We look forward to getting to know you and being a part of your walk with Jesus!

Rich and Erika Frohmader
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The Frohmader  lifeGroup loves Jesus and we are overjoyed to be able to have friends to gather with on a weekly basis. These meetings have helped us develop close relationships as we share our lives with our lifeGroup members. Our group consists of grandparent-aged adults gracefully aging together. We generally meet on Wed or Thurs evenings at 6:30 pm in the Fitchburg area. We have adopted Oakwood Village West as our service project, serving monthly in their Sunday chapel service and also leading a monthly Bible study. If you want to know more, or take us for a test-drive, send us an email.


Our lifeGroup consists of parents with high school and college age kids. We welcome anyone interested in meeting in the Verona or West Madison area.

Micah and Emily Powers
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We're an informal group, sharing snacks and drinks together. This is a group that wants to reach out to those with questions about the Christian faith or those who are new to the love of Jesus. We'll use a variety of ways to spark discussions about faith, God, and our lives. We may read some passages from the Bible, or watch a short video  together. We know people are all in different spots in their journeys, so we want this group to be a place where people can ask questions and feel comfortable exploring what they believe.

Patrick and Michelle Tsai
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This intergenerational group is comprised of married couples with and without children and singles whose desire is to grow in community with each other and in Christ.  We meet weekly in Oregon to share a meal, worship and delve deeper into God's Word.


Sheila Anderson

Mari Ann Colburn


Our lifeGroup is a community of different ages, occupations and places in our spiritual journey. We meet weekly on Thursday nights to talk about what it's been like following Jesus that week, pray, and study God's word.  Once a month we add a potluck meal into our weekly gathering. We currently meet on Madison's west side and we would be delighted to have you join us!

Jess O'Malley
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Our lifeGroup meets weekly on Thursday nights alternating in Fitchburg or Oregon.  We are a mix of single parent families and couples with children ages ranging from 3 to 12, although anyone is welcome, Churchgoer or not.  We enjoy hearing about each other's week over potluck style meal together, encouraging each other in our faith journeys and growing in Jesus together with our families.  We'd love for you to come check out our group!

Jack and Laurie Pinkert
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This multigenerational group meets on Thursday evening. We have Kindergarten age children and up who take part in all our fellowship, worship and Word time. It's a joy and a blessing what God is teaching the adults through the youth in our midst. We have simple "kid-friendly" meals pot-luck style. Our group is a rich tapestry of variety and blessings.


Peter and Candi Huebner
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Our group meets in Mazomanie on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of each month for dinner, friendship, worship, Word and prayer.

We are comprised of a wide assortment of backgrounds - some are lifelong Christians with various church backgrounds and we have those who are just being introduced to Jesus and exploring what Christianity is. We are multigenerational and have both married and single people in our group. We enjoy building relationships with each other, exploring the Word together and prayer.