Our lifeLines are thought provoking questions that follow the current sermon series. These questions are used by our lifeGroups in their weekly gatherings to help facilitate discussion and navigate through each of the 4 W's in lifeGroup which are Welcome, Worship, Word and Witness.

We welcome one another by spending time getting to know each other as we share a meal. Some people love to prepare a meal for their friends. Others enjoy the abundance of the good ol' pot-luck or ordering a pizza. It's not so much what's put on the table as it is what happens around the table—conversation!

We experience and explore worship together. Some people draw as they listen to music. Others sing worship songs or read scripture. It's not so much a matter of how we worship, but who we worship—Jesus!

We grow deeper in the Word together. Our focus is primarily on application of the Word and on encouraging one another as we allow God's Word to affect life change.

We live as a witness to the freeing love of Jesus. We are always seeking to invite our neighbors and friends to join us. As a result, our lifeGroups are always multiplying as new leaders are raised up. We also find creative ways to use our gifts, time and talent to serve others in our community…we call it lifeServe.