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Bhutanese Refugee Resettlement

Outreach to Bhutanese refugees resettling in Madison began in April of 2009 when one of our lifeGroups committed to a 90 day sponsorship of the first family to arrive to Madison, Wisconsin. To date there are over 400 Bhutanese Refugees in Madison. God has raised up leaders and led our congregation  to a ministry well beyond that initial 90 day commitment to a single family.

Our God-inspired love for these humble and gracious people compels us to help meet their physical, social and spiritual needs. Physical needs include "filling in the gaps" of local service agencies upon arrival to the United States including basic necessities for the start of their new life.

New Life in America

Social needs include partnering new families with tutors for their children; assistance with employment such as transportation, applications, interviews and job training; guidance in accessing available local resources for the under-privileged; and providing support and encouragement towards self-reliance.

New Life in Christ

Spiritual needs include fulfilling our commitment to reach the lost in Jesus' name; supporting those baptized with weekly Bible study and worship opportunities; and providing tools and encouragement for the Bhutanese to witness to their own, primarily Hindu, community.

Our congregation has been blessed to witness many come to faith in Jesus through baptism, and many more attending weekly Bible study and worship translated into their own language of Nepali.

Although we were initially timid, we have learned much from the Bhutanese people. God led us to share our faith with the first family to arrive in Madison and now, we watch awe as those original familes witness to new arrivals. We praise God and look forward to the great work He has planned for these people and their community. Like the early church in the book of Acts, God is doing amazing things through those who are willing and available to do His work!


You can make a tax deductible donation to the Refugee Fund that will be used to assist the families in their transition. Designate your envelope or check and place in the offering. Gift cards to Walmart/Target, Phone cards, and Buss Passes are always appreciated. If you are intersted in putting together a Welcome Box to provide newly arriving families with basic household items please download our Welcome Box list.  Please check before bringing in household or furniture items to be sure we have home to place them or space to store them.


Walk along side a family as a friend and advocate as they transition to a new culture and country.

For more information please contact Mayme Keagy at 608.445.3272,


Care Net Pregnancy Center and The Elizabeth House

The Care Net Pregnancy Center provides free confidential counseling and support for women facing unplanned pregnancies. They help develop positive solutions focused on the well-being of the client, client's family, and the unborn child. The Elizabeth House provides a safe and nurturing living environment enabling women to carry their infant to term, learn parenting and life skills, facilitate healing and restore hope, and prepare for independent living.

DAIS (Domestic Abuse Intervention Services)

Since 1977, DAIS has worked passionately and effectively to ensure the safety and well-being of domestic violence survivors and their families, and to change societal attitudes that perpetuate violence and the abuse of power. Help Line, 24 hours a day: 608-251-4445 or 800-747-4045  Email:


Southwest Wisconsin District– Missouri Synod  

South Wisconsin District of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod – the district connects and resources leaders to equip God's people for bold witness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The district also provides mission support for campus ministries, chaplaincy ministries, urban/cross-cultural ministries, African immigrant ministries, urban outreach, and Hispanic ministries in Southern Wisconsin.


The Pastoral Leadership Institute (PLI)

PLI forms pastoral leaders around the world that are committed to lead God's people to dynamically and internationally connect people to life in Jesus. The institute operates an in-service, leadership formation program for pastors and others who desire to develop their leadership abilities helpful in pastoring churches, and gaining knowledge and skills helpful in fulfilling the Great Commission.


Dwelling 1:14

The name Dwelling 1:14 references John 1:14 and the incarnational, missional nature both of Jesus and of those who would follow Him into the world. Dwelling 1:14 is a non-profit ministry which helps like-minded Jesus-followers connect in their neighborhoods, workplaces and schools for discipling and missional living. Contact Greg Finke for more info


Our Savior New York

OSNY exists to be "New York's Neighborhood Church," known as the place in the city where people can easily make friends, meet Jesus and make a difference. They believe they cannot insist that the neighborhoods of New York to come to them, rather they must go to them.  OSNY is ONE CHURCH made up of multiple Parishes (congregations).  Each Parish is a gathering of Missional Communities, and each (MC) made up of smaller Discipling Groups.  "The end result of it all, we believe, is a truly New York yet truly Christian community. It's a community able to love, serve and welcome the whole city--yet know, grow and walk together like a real family. That's what it means to be a neighborhood church."  Sound familiar?



FourSquare Missions International (Steve and Kim Cecil)

The Cecil's have accepted a call to be missionaries in Russia, where less than two percent of the population is Protestant.  Their assignment in Russia is to:

Assist in the development of the organization and structure of Foursquare Russia

Train in practical discipleship that is culturally relevant

Identify and developing leaders within the current churches

Coach leaders in creating local outreach ministries

Implement a church planting strategy with leaders in the Russian-speaking world

Fishers of Men

We have partners in Nepal that have dedicated themselves to reaching the least and the lost. Native of the country, they have obediently followed God's call to reach the 98% of their country that does not know Christ. Independently they have started 11 churches in the far-west districts. These districts are ravaged by poverty, health and environmental issues. The couple travel for days on motorcycle, or by bus, to visit the far-west areas to offer support and encouragement. They gather with their churches for discipleship training, baptisms, prayer and outreach into the surrounding villages.

If you would like to give, please make out a check to "the Church" with "F_shers of M*n Ministry in the memo line and mail it to 2833 Raritan Road, Fitchburg,  WI 53711.

Or you can donate through Pay Pal

For more information about F_ishers of M*n, please contact Pastor Jeff at or 608-271-2811x12.


Wycliffe Project Video (Don and Pam Leonard)

A media initiative of Wycliffe Bible Translators in Asia that focuses on equipping and training ethnic evangelists to proclaim the gospel through video in their own language.  Initially, it is trying to reach the following people groups: LISU, KAREN, AKHA, LAHU, HMONG, and MIEN.  Collectively, they total millions of people. Email:

United World Missions (Brian and Barbara Thompson)

The Thompson's mission is to develop digital media materials to facilitate church planting for United World Mission (UWM), using every tool available in our digital media kit. We'll work with new and existing pastors to help start new churches in communities where there are none. UWM's goal is a church on every corner, of every town, of every nation - a lofty goal to be sure. Their teams are seeing progress, but the agency needs more people who are willing to serve with their skills and talents toward that goal.

And when the cameras are put away and the computer is shut down, we'll build relationships with Hungarians and other Eastern Europeans, through programs like Alpha, small groups, and immersing ourselves in the culture. We'll be sharing with them the love and hope that can be found in knowing Jesus Christ. As one of our missionary friends recently said, "It's not about religion. It's about a loving relationship with Jesus Christ."

For more information about Brian and Barbara Thompson's digital media ministry check out their wesite at or email at

Mission India

Mission India trains and equips local Indian Christians through church planting training, Bible-content adult literacy, and children's Bible clubs so that they can become disciples and disciple-makers. Email contact:


Wycliffe Bible Translators (Jon and Marijane Beutler)

Jon and Marijane Beutler have been serving in Mozambique since 2003.  The support roles they have filled include building supervisor, bookkeeper, computer technician, print shop manager, media specialist, website developer, communications coordinator, and currently serve as translation center manager.  The center serves more than a dozen missionary organizations working in their area.  The translation center hosts training seminars, conferences, and retreats.  The center also serves as the "first home" for missionaries arriving in Mozambique for the first time.