The Story - God Delivers

The Bible contains an Upper Story and Lower Story. The Upper Story tells the big picture, the grand narrative of God unfolding throughout history. The Lower Story contains the sometimes delightful, other times appalling particulars of human experience. Without the lens of the Upper Story, the Lower Story seems out of focus and perplexing. Through “The Story”, we are mindful of both the temporal, easily seen events, and the not so obvious eternal realities.

The Story, Chapter 7: God Delivers - The Promised Land
Pastor Jeff Meyer


Forty long years in the desert – filled with numerous teachable moments.  The wandering is over, and God leads a new generation of Israelites into the Promised Land.  Can you imagine the hope and anticipation of the Israelites?  What about us?  Do we live with hope and anticipation?  What are we supposed to be learning and doing as we await our promised land?  Joshua 1:1-10; 3:9-17


The Story, Chapter 6: God Delivers - His Provision
Dan Luck


God delivers the Israelites from the Egyptians.  He leads his people, and provides manna and water for them?  Are the Israelites satisfied?  Thankful?  How does God respond to them?  How about us?  Has much changed today? Numbers 11:1-2; 4-6; 16-23; 31-33


The Story, Chapter 5: God Delivers-His Commandments
Pastor Jeff Meyer

The Israelites had been exposed to and influenced by Egyptian religion, values, and culture for more than four centuries. How will God teach them who He is, and how He wants them to live? Two tablets – Ten Commandments. Why all the rules? Do they still apply to us today? What’s the big deal if we break a couple of them? Exodus 20:1-20

The Story, Chapter 4: God Delivers-A Nation
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Sometimes God seems to be silent or distant. But he never forgets His people. After 430 years of being in slavery, God frees His people. How does he overcome a powerful, hard-hearted Pharaoh? What is enslaving you? Do you want to be free? Exodus 3:1-10; 6:6-8; 12:31-42

The Story, Chapter 3: God Delivers - Joseph and His Family
Vicar Matt Wipperman

Sometimes people hurt us. Sometimes bad things happen in our lives. Where is God during those times? The story of Joseph gives us some clues about how God works, and how we should respond to our circumstances. Genesis 37:3-8; 18-28, 45:1-8

The Story, Chapter 2: God Delivers - A Promise and a Son
Pastor Jeff Meyer

God calls Abram to leave everything, and follow Him. God promises to make Abram into a great nation, and that all families will be blessed through him. Abraham is already 75 years old. How will God pull it off? Will He keep his promise? What promises does God make to us? Is he faithful? Genesis 12:1-3; 15:1-6; 21:1-5

The Story, Chapter 1: God Delivers - His Creation
Pastor Jeff Meyer

In the opening chapter of Genesis, the Upper and Lower Stories are virtually one. God, who is love, creates the universe, and places humanity at the crown of all he brings into existence. Man and woman, as individuals and also in their collective, reflect God’s image. People are both the object of God’s love and lovers in return. But that all changes with a serpent, piece of fruit, and bad decision. Sin enters the world. How does God respond?  Genesis 1:1, 26-28, 31; 3:1-15

The Story, Introduction: God Delivers - His Word
Dan Haupt

The Word of God is a Love Story.  It’s written by God himself as he inspires  approximately 40 different writers over a 1,500 year period.  God’s Word is written to us – for us.  The hero of the story is Jesus.  What is his story, and how does He impact our lives – our stories? Text: Ephesians 1:9-11; John 3:16-17; 2 Timothy 3:14-17