Epiphany: More Than Just a Man

This 6-week series follows the Epiphany lectionary schedule.  Epiphany is the season where we witness the revelation that Jesus is God.  Epiphany refers to the moment some truth is realized.  It’s not quite an “aha!” moment (as if one just solved a problem or discovered the answer), more of a, “w..o..w” exclamation (as one witnesses something that is more than they expected).  He is, Emmanuel, God with us.  What epiphanies are there for us today?  What can wow us?  This season begins by celebrating the baptism of Jesus, and finishes with the Transfiguration.  

More Than Just a Man, part 6: Radiating
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Focus: There can be no question, for those who see the very glory of God in Jesus.  With Moses, a veil was needed so that the people could even stand it.  Jesus got rid of that veil, of the separation between God and man.  The only veil that still exists is over the hearts of those who don’t know Jesus.  For those who saw this, Jesus commanded silence, because it wasn’t time yet for his broad revelation, but ever since His revelation, death and resurrection, He has commanded not silence, but witnesses who reflect the same glory He radiates through their words and lives.Main Text: Mark 9:2-9

More Than Just a Man, part 5: Re-Creating
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Focus: Jesus came to preach the Good News, God come to man to restore the relationship established at creation.  Jesus, true God, bears God’s almighty power, and that power continues to be demonstrated chiefly by His mercy and compassion.  His preaching frees people from the shackles of the world, His death and resurrection frees us all from the shackles of sin, in His very life and by His command He made time to free people bound by sickness and possession.  He makes things right, re-creating as He goes.  We, as His hands and feet today, continue His re-creative work that will be made full and perfect when He returns.Main Text: Mark 1:29-39

More Than Just a Man, part 4: Real Authority
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Focus: When God speaks, reality is created.  The Prophets are God’s mouthpiece, speaking His words, and as such, they carry His authority.  When Jesus taught, it was clear he wasn’t just regurgitating what He heard from other men, He spoke with the authority that God’s mouthpieces have.  As such, all creation is subject to the reality Jesus spoke, even the evil spirits are bound to obey when the Word of God speaks.  

Main Text: Mark 1:21-28

More Than Just a Man, part 3: Redefining
Matt Wipperman

Focus: Everywhere He went, Jesus changed things.  Fishermen - Drop your nets, and come fish for men.Condemners - Are you blameless?  What is He redefining today?  

Main Text: Mark 1:14-20

More Than Just a Man, part 2: Recognizing
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Focus: God wants all people to know Jesus, to come to the knowledge of the Truth.  But we don’t always recognize Him, even though He is always right here with us.  Like with God calling Samuel, Jesus knew and chose Nathaniel before Nathaniel ever knew who Jesus was.  People need to be known, we are by very definition relational beings.  Who do you know who needs to recognize that Jesus has known them forever, and loves them totally? Main Text: John 1:43-51

More Than Just a Man, part 1: The One
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Focus:  John had one purpose, to prepare the way for God’s Messiah.  John baptized many people, but in only one case did the heavens split open, the Holy Spirit visibly descend like a dove, and God’s voice audibly speak that, “You are my beloved Son; with you I am well pleased.”   The very presence of God on Earth is seen in the baptism of Jesus, and through our baptism into His life, death and resurrection, we are part of the Body of Christ, the Church, God’s dwelling place on Earth. Text:  Mark 1:4-11