Lent: To the Cross

Lent is the season of preparation for Christ’s death on the cross for our sins and for the sins of the world.  During Lent we follow Jesus as He makes His way back to Jerusalem, the Holy city, the center of the delivered promises of the covenant, the Land, and God’s presence with His people in His Temple.  During Lent we see Jesus making things right, setting things in order, from healings to clearing out the Temple courtyard, God’s Kingdom comes dramatically in and through Jesus Christ.  This is where God’s people reject His only Son, and where Jesus does His proper work of salvation, dieing for all sin.  Lent ends with the wages of sin, death, but the death that pays for all sin for all time.  But this is not the end, Easter is just 3 days away.

To the Cross, part 6: To Reign (Palm Sunday)
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Jesus comes to Jerusalem fulfilling prophecy, entering humbly on a donkey’s colt, yet as the King of Israel “in the name of the Lord”.  He comes to be lifted up in glory on the Cross in order to cast out “the ruler of this world” and draw all people to Himself.  Church, journeying with Jesus we are called to rejoice greatly as our King comes with salvation. Main Text: John 12:20-43.

To the Cross, part 5: Reordered
Pastor Jeff Meyer

In the midst of Jesus telling His followers for the third time that He would be killed and raised, with even more details, they can’t seem to focus on what is at hand, and are still, STILL talking about who would be the greatest.  This time, two of them ask Jesus to do whatever they ask.  Maybe they thought if He said, “OK” He would be bound to give them what they want.  Instead Jesus reminds them AGAIN that being concerned about yourself will get you nowhere in the kingdom, and that among those who would follow Jesus, the ordering begins with the slave of everyone. Main Text: Mark 10:35-45.

To the Cross, part 4: Moths and Cockroaches
Pastor Matt Wipperman

Light is dangerous if you’re worried about others seeing you.  If you use the light to navigate, you’re drawn to it, it is life.  Those feeling the weight of their sin and the need for help by the power of God’s Spirit found the Savior, the Light to gravitate toward.  Those too proud, unwilling to give up control, and who denied that there could be only one way scurried for the cover of darkness, either by fleeing or by trying to extinguish the light.  Are you drawn to the gift? Or do the implications scare you away. Main Text: John 3:14-21

To the Cross, part 3: Whose House?
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Have you ever returned home to find things a bit out of order?  Jesus returns to His Father’s house, the Temple in Jerusalem, and sees that sacrifices have become a financial business.  Those in the Temple didn’t recognize His authority, and certainly didn’t understand how He could rebuild the Temple in three days.  What is God’s Temple today?  Is it in order?   Main Text: John 2:13-22

To the Cross, part 2: Bring Your Cross
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Following Jesus isn’t a spectator sport.  Really following means being like Jesus.  Just as Jesus willingly submits to the will of His Father, even when it is painful, we also must submit.  Jesus’ call is for our whole life, every part, our understanding, our love, even our trash.  We are called to submit our whole life to Him, to pick up our cross and follow Him, and He wants to set our whole life straight.  Main Text: Mark 8:27-38

To the Cross, part 1: Here and Now
Dan Luck

Jesus makes things right.  The first steps in Lent, Journeying with Jesus, are only possible because God came to us to return us to Him.  It’s not a relationship realized only later, after we die, but it has already begun.  What should change when you’re walking with God?