Series  Overview: This 6-week series follows the Easter lectionary schedule, beginning with Easter Sunday, it covers 50 days and concludes with Pentecost Sunday.  With the empty tomb, the resurrected Jesus is unleashed upon the world.  First in His self, then until He comes again through His disciples powered by His Holy Spirit.  As we have been following Jesus in His Earthly ministry, we now see with much more clarity our sending to the world, as His body here on Earth, the church.  Just as Christ was sent, He has unleashed His church upon the world.

Unleashed, part 8: Breathed to Live
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Focus:  Why did Jesus want the disciples to remain in Jerusalem until He sent the Spirit?  He seems to give the Spirit a lot more credit than we do today.  From life given to animated dry bones, to tangible wind and flames over the heads of people who suddenly could all understand each other in their own language, these experiences with the Holy Spirit seem more like what Jesus talked about.  The disciples were quick to recognize and to submit to the work of the Holy Spirit.  Do you regularly look for and recognize the work of the unleashed Spirit, and the life He has breathed into you? Main Text: John 15:26–27; 16:4b–15

Unleashed, part 7: Protected to Serve
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Focus:  Too often we act like we are not part of this world.  Or that if we have been unleashed, it is from the responsibility toward the world.  We huddle together, like the disciples in the upper room, instead of living our faith outside the surroundings and safety of other Christians.  Jesus’ prayer for His people, as He is leaving the world, is recorded for their benefit and for ours.  God will protect us and keep us from the Evil one, He will teach us His word, which is truth, and we are not separated from the world, but we are sent into it, not to become like the world, but to be like Jesus in the world. Main Text: John 17:11b–19

Unleashed, part 6: Beloved to Love
Pastor Matt Wipperman

Focus:  Jesus loved us like the Father showed Him love.  We are to love each other like Jesus showed us love.  Jesus loved the Father by following His commands, so we’re supposed to love Jesus by following His commands.  His command is simply to love each other.  Why doesn’t the world know Christians as people who give up their lives for each other and by how much we love? Main Text: John 15:9–17

Unleashed, part 5: Cultivated to Bloom
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Focus:  The Lord works to prune from our lives those things that threaten to hold us back from living as His instruments.  He cuts the leashes that we so willingly accept or even put on ourselves.  The connection that He has remade, the one we were created to have, is connection to Jesus, the true vine, the source of all of our life and good things.  What might Jesus be working to prune in your life today, to free you to blossom? Main Text: John 15:1–8

Unleashed, part 4: Led to Follow
Dan Luck

Focus:  The Good Shepherd willingly gave up His life for His sheep.  With His resurrection He was unleashed on His flock and the world.  Could there possibly be a better Shepherd to follow, than one you know will give up His life to keep you, because He already has?  Main Text: John 10:11–18

Unleashed, part 3: Authorized to Forgive
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Focus:  Moses and the prophets (the Old Testament) point to Jesus as the Messiah, and as such, everything had to come true.  As this message is proclaimed to the whole world, in the authority of the name of Jesus, the announcement to all is, “There is forgiveness of sins for all who repent.”  And just as the disciples were unleashed as the witnesses, with the promise of the coming Holy Spirit, so we are still witnesses to this, today.  

Main Text: Luke 24:36–49

Unleashed, part 2: Peace to Share
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Focus:  “Peace be with you!” Jesus says three times here.  The second time it’s clearly not because they are still afraid.  Jesus sends the disciples out, as God sent Him, as instruments of peace, between God and man.  He unleashes them and us upon the world with the message of peace and the power of forgiveness.  Peace has been made between God and man, between God and you. Main Text: John 20:19–31

Unleashed, Easter: Death is Swallowed Forever
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Focus:  Mary didn’t first think back to Jesus words about His resurrection when she saw that His grave had been opened, she assumed the stone must have been rolled away from the outside.  Jesus said that He would rebuild the temple in three days.  What an amazing truth, that defies the very fundamental things we know about life.  The grave couldn’t hold Him, instead, the resurrected Jesus is unleashed! Main Text: John 20:1–18