The Story - God's Chosen Leaders

The Bible contains an Upper Story and Lower Story. The Upper Story tells the big picture, the grand narrative of God unfolding throughout history. The Lower Story contains the sometimes delightful, other times appalling particulars of human experience. God uses real-life people to carry out his plan and purpose! Let’s meet some of those people, and see how God uses them.

God's Chosen Leaders, part 6: Solomon A Man of Wisdom
Pastor Jeff Meyer

God gives Solomon a wish, and then grants it.  Solomon becomes the wisest man to ever live.  But something goes wrong.  Why?  God richly blesses us.  What can we do to avoid making the same mistakes as Solomon? 1 Kings 3:3-14; 11:1-4

God's Chosen Leaders, part 5: David a King
Dan Haupt

Warrior, Psalm-writer, God-fearing.  Liar, adulterer, murderer.  Would the real King David please stand up?  David was far from perfect.  Most of us can relate to David’s failures more than his greatness.  We might be curious to find out why God would refer to David as “a man after my own heart.” 2 Samuel 11:1-12:14


God's Chosen Leaders, part 4: David the Giant Slayer
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Boy vs. giant.  Pebble vs. sword.  Confidence vs. arrogance.  The stage is set.  All bets are on the giant.  Final score: Boy-1, Giant-0.  A huge upset!  How is it possible?  Boy + God = Victory.  What “giants” are you facing in life?  How will you slay them?  1 Samuel 17:1-11; 32-50

God's Chosen Leaders, part 3: Samuel a Prophet
Vicar Matt Wipperman

The Lord speaks to Samuel, but Samuel doesn’t recognize His voice.  The Lord doesn’t stop speaking.  He continues to speak until Samuel listens.  Samuel becomes a spokesperson for the Lord.  Does God speak to us today?  If so, how?  Do we recognize His voice?  How do we respond to what he “tells” us? 1 Samuel 3:1-21


God's Chosen Leaders, part 2: Ruth an Outside
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Focus: Ruth, a Moabite, gives up everything to follow and take care of Naomi, her Jewish widowed mother-in-law.  God blesses Ruth with a husband and a son.  However, that is just the tip of the iceberg!  What else is God up to?  How will God use our faithfulness and obedience?  The impact might extend far beyond what we’ll ever know or imagine. Text: Ruth 1:1-9; 16-18; 4:13-22

God's Chosen Leaders, part 1: Gideon a Judge
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Gideon’s circumstances cause him to not trust God. Gideon tests God – THREE TIMES! How does God respond? Do you trust God no matter what your circumstances? Is God waiting to use you, and you are holding back – testing Him? What will it take for you to fully trust Him? Judges 6:11-23; 6:36-39; 7:19-22