One Body

This 4-week series follows the Pentecost lectionary schedule, beginning with the seventh Sunday after Pentecost.  As we continue on the journey with Jesus, and see how God works through His people, we see the unity that God has established between God and man, and between all of His people.  This has always been the plan, and God sent the one Savior, Jesus, to gather and care for His people, the Spirit to work the one faith the hearts of man, and gifted us to be work well as one body, one church.  This is all God’s work, His choice, His establishing, supporting, building, and gifting of His one people, the One Body of Christ.  During the Pentecost II series, both the Gospel and the Epistle (mostly from Mark and Ephesians) are emphasized by the theme for the day, so they are both highlighted.

One Body, part 4: Gifted
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Focus:  What is greater, the gift, or the giver?  What do we spend time thinking about?  Appreciating?  When we worry about things that are gifts, what does that say about our trust in the giver?  When we spend our time trying to gather up and store gifts, or when we measure others by the gifts they have, where are our hearts?  We have been gifted to share, not to compare.  Comparing misplaces the glory rightly due only to God, the source, and divides the body.  Sharing His gifts, instead,  builds the One Body up in love, and glorifies Him. Main Text: John 6:22–35

One Body, part 3: Faithed
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Focus:  God doesn’t pick people based on their faith, or their control of fear.  He, instead, establishes our trust by loving, comforting, promising, and by reminding us through signs.  The Father works faith in us by His Spirit, and by that Faith Jesus dwells in our hearts.  We are One Body, faithed to life with Jesus. Main Text: Mark 6:45–56

One Body, part 2: Cared
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Focus:  Life without God is life without hope.  It is the life of a sheep without a shepherd to gather, protect, care for, lead toward peace and rest, and toward food.  But God sent Jesus, the righteous branch, the good shepherd.  Not only did Jesus gather up Jews, but Gentiles too. His sacrifice broke down dividing walls of hostility in the flesh, and the dividing wall of hostility between God and man’s sin.  He cared for and cares for us, and gathers us all into One Body, together with each other and with Him. Main Text: Mark 6:30–44

One Body, part 1: Planned
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Focus:   John relayed God’s call for people to repent, God’s announcement of His own coming, and God’s work of making the path straight.  Left to ourselves, we would all reject the condemnation, the call to repent, and would try and get out of it.  But, God is the one standing with the plumb line, building a new wall that is straight.  He is the one with the plan.  He is the one who chooses us. He is the one who makes us His.  It has always been His plan to unite all things in Heaven and on Earth together in One Body in and through Christ. Main Text: Mark 6:14-29