The New Life

This 4-week series follows the Pentecost lectionary schedule, beginning with the eleventh Sunday after Pentecost. As one body, we now move to what life in that body is like.  No longer are we defined by the world, or in the same ways we were.  This new life, the beginning of eternal life, is entirely centered on Christ, and follows His heart and pattern.  His Word give us eyes to see clearly, He has our hearts, and fills us with His love for God and others, and tied to His life, which is eternal, we can’t lose the battle that sin and the Devil are waging for creation.  During the Pentecost III series, both the Gospel and the Epistle (from Ephesians) are emphasized by the theme for the day, so they are both highlighted.

The New Life, part 3: Full Hearts
Kieran Baher

Focus:  What does it look like when your heart is far from your spouse, or from your parents/children?  This is Jesus’ condemnation, quoting Isaiah, of those in the religious establishment of His day.  They were more concerned with how they looked, where other people thought their hearts were, than they were with where their hearts really were.  In contrast, Paul tells us that the relationship between Jesus and the church, us, is that of a husband and wife.  Main Text: Mark 7:1–13

The New Life, part 2: Clear Eyes
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Focus:  What colors your reality?  Do you take Jesus at His Word, or do you evaluate Him based on your understanding?  Some believed Him and some didn’t, and it’s no different today.  His disciples, even struggling with what Jesus said, responded to His challenge, “Lord, to whom would we go?  You have the words that give eternal life.”  Do you search God’s Word like a treasure map with your eyes looking to find how you can get  “eternal life”?  Or do you treat it as the authority on life, the source of wisdom with the power to change you and clear your eyes?. Main Text: John 6:51–69


The New Life, part 1: Strength For The Journey
Pastor Jeff Meyer

This life, the journey we are called to, would be too much for us alone.  But, just as God chose us, He feeds us, clothes us, and shows us.  This new life is the life of Christ.  And He is the strength for the journey. Main Text: John 6:35–51