This 4-week series follows the Pentecost lectionary schedule, beginning with the nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost. This is our Commitment campaign, culminating with commitment Sunday on October 25th, which is also Reformation Day. We have an incredible legacy, as members of the body of Christ here on Earth.  Children of the promise, God’s chosen people here on Earth, blessed to be a blessing.  How will we be faithful to that legacy? In thanksgiving and right attributing of our blessings to the Blesser, and also in our use of those blessings to be a blessing to others both now and in the future we carry on the legacy we have been entrusted with.  During the Pentecost V series, primarily the Gospel from Mark (and John on reformation day) will be emphasized by the theme for the day.  

Your Legacy, part 3: Eye of a Needle
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Focus:  There is a pretty big difference between “difficult” and “impossible”.  For people who trust in and find security in blessings, and in their ability to store up God’s blessings, it is difficult to trust in and find security somewhere else.  And it is impossible enter the kingdom of heaven by trusting in anything you or another person can do.  As you look to your future, and consider things like financial stability, savings, and investing, where is your trust?  What will your legacy be? Main Text: Mark 10:23–31

Your Legacy, part 2: Burden of Wealth
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Focus:  What is the one thing you wouldn’t give up?  Jesus said, “where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”  Often are our hearts tied to money, sometimes to our surprise, because other goals or desires in life have money or wealth as an intermediate step.  What will your legacy be? Main Text: Mark 10:17–22

Your Legacy, part 1: Faith of a Child
Pastor Matt Wipperman

The only reason Moses allowed divorce was as a concession to the hard heart of the people.  Instead of receiving the kingdom like a little child, just as it is, we often try to make it fit what we want.  What will your legacy be? Main Text: Mark 10:2–16