The End is Near

This 4-week series follows the Pentecost lectionary schedule, beginning with the twenty-third Sunday after Pentecost, All Saints’ Day. This is the last series in the church year, and as such it deals with the coming kingdom, when all things will be made right.  We are to be on guard, and to watch out, it will be here soon even though none but the Father know when.  During the Pentecost VI series, the Gospel is emphasized by the theme for the day.  

The End is Near, part 4: Stay Alert!
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Focus:  The end is coming, there is no doubt.  But it’s been nearly 2000 years.  And yet, we’re called to stay alert!  To not let the master find us sleeping.  When the master returns, will He find things in order, or will we be scrambling to clean up? Main Text: Mark 13:24–37

The End is Near, part 3: Watch Out!
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Focus:  Before Jesus comes again things are going to get crazy, and he says to watch out, but not to worry.  God will use the places you are put to give you opportunities to tell everyone about Him.  He’ll even give you the words to say. Main Text: Mark 13:1–13

The End is Near, part 2: When No One Can See
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Jesus gives us two very different “fly on the wall” looks at people from the perspective of the coming kingdom.  How do you act when no one can see? Main Text: Mark 12:38–44

The End is Near, part 1: Be Very Glad!
Kieran Baher

Focus:  Jesus never said following Him would be the popular or cool thing to do.  He instead says “people will mock you and persecute you and lie about you and say all sorts of evil things against you because you are my followers.”  But then He says, “Be happy about it!  Be very glad!”  What? Text: Matthew 5:1–12