Engaged: Connecting Lifestyle

This 10-week series is centered on the first of the four parts of our strategy: Connecting lifeStyle. We are focusing on full engagement in 2016. Living a Connected and Connecting lifeStyle by inviting people to join us where we are enthusiastically engaged in our strategy of lifeGroup, lifeServe and lifeWorship.

It is important to note here that the invitations are not merely an attractional invitation so as to increase participation in our church, but a missional invitation because we have set our strategy as our church’s methodology of disciple-making….building a missional lifestyle. In other words, we believe that through engagement in our strategy we have the best shot at showing someone how to follow Jesus.

Connecting Lifestyle, part 10: Invitational Life
Pastor Matt Wipperman

The connecting life is an invitational life. And, timing is everything. The kind of invitation we are talking about here, is natural, not forced. It is freely given, not guilt-driven. The Gospel at its very core is an invitation, not a legalistic burden, right? As we approach the most holy week, who is God putting in front of you who needs some Good News? If the time is right, why not invite them to consider it? Main Text: John 4:39-42; Acts 5:41-42

Connecting Lifestyle, part 9: Speaking Life
Pastor Jeff Meyer

The connecting life is a speaking life. As we live among others. As we over time, put this connecting lifestyle into practice, we will be asked to speak about the hope we have in Jesus. And, make no mistake, the Gospel, the Good News about Jesus is spread by speaking. People will not get this message through some divine osmosis. Someone has spoken the Good News to you. You are privileged to speak it to others. Main Text: 1 Peter 3:15-16; Romans 10:1-15

Connecting Lifestyle, part 8: Patient Life
Dan Luck

The connecting life is a patient life. Relationships take time. How long must we hang in there? Is our results-focused, goal-centered existence tainting our approach to our relationships? How long? How can I keep loving? The Psalmist gives us some clues. Main Text: Psalm 37:3-7

Connecting Lifestyle, part 7: Agenda-free Life
Pastor Jeff Meyer

The connecting life is an agenda-free life. What might happen in our relationships if we were able to love no matter what? So much of our love is dependent on the behaviors of others. Is behavior modification our goal? Or is there something much more?  Main Text: John 13:1-21, 30; John 21:18-22

Connecting Lifestyle, part 6: Enjoyable Life
Pastor Jeff Meyer

The connecting life is an enjoyable life. Can you imagine how much easier our invitations would be to accept if we exhibited a contagious abundance? So much of our witness has been about what we are against. As you watch Jesus in today’s story, where is he? What is he doing? Who is he with? And how does the church of His day respond? Who is God placing in front of you that just wants you to hang out with? Main Text: Mark 2:13-17

Connecting Lifestyle, part 5: Listening Life
Pastor Jeff Meyer

The connecting life is a listening life. As creatures created by God, we listen to our Creator. And, in honor of the ones placed in front of us, also created with unsurpassable worth, we listen. No doubt, most of us could stand to learn abit about listening with interest to those around us. We learn to listen in lifeWorship, lifeGroup, lifeServe. Who is God placing in front of you who simply wants you to listen? Main Text: James 1:17-19

Connecting Lifestyle, part 4: Serving Life
Pastor Jeff Meyer

The connecting life is a serving life. Serving with the ones whom God is placing in front of us. Mingling their gifts, their passions, their interests, their styles with ours. With, not merely to or for. No paternalism allowed! We are called to co-create flourishing spaces and places with God and with those who live there. It’s more than volunteerism for the church. It’s an invitation to bountiful hope. And it’s what we mean by lifeServe. Main Text: Matthew 20:20-28

Connecting Lifestyle, part 3: Communal Life
Pastor Jeff Meyer

The connecting life is a communal life. We live life together. It’s more than a tagline, it’s a promise. More than a cute slogan or pie-in-the-sky ideal, the communal life is a beautiful mess. And it’s what we mean by lifeGroup. Main Text: Acts 2:42-47

Connecting Lifestyle, part 2: Worshipping Life
Pastor Jeff Meyer

The connecting life is a worshipping life. All of life is worship. From beginning to end, from daybreak to nightfall, the Jesus-following life is set apart, distinct, non-conformed life. It is a breathless invitation from the God of heaven. And, it’s what we mean by lifeWorship. Main Text: Romans 11:33-12:2    

Engaged! Connected lifestyle, part 1: Intro
Pastor Jeff Meyer

The engaged life is a connecting lifestyle.  All of my life is connected to Jesus.  Not parts, but the whole. As a result, all my relationships, and opportunities for interaction with others, are opportunities for life-giving connections. This is simple, not complex. Yet, in our compartmentalized reality, quite difficult. In fact, Jesus tells us that is impossible...on our own. It cannot be done without Jesus! Main Text: John 15:5