As a church we will journey through Romans, which contains the scripture pivotal for Luther’s understanding of justification.  This will be not only a year of remembrance and celebration, but one where we together seek to examine our own lives, and to see every aspect Re-Formed by God.

Refined, part 8: Doubts
Pastor Matt Wipperman

Focus:  When we finally reach the end of our refining, what remains is only God’s work.  It is only by the faith (Sola Fide) that He works that we are counted as righteous.  It doesn’t even depend on the strength of our faith, or the actions that come from our faith.  As forgiven sinners, only the fruit of our faith remains. Dear God, forgive me for doubting, and strengthen my faith in You.” Main Text: Romans 4:13-25

Refined, part 7: Assumptions
Paul Schutes

Focus:  There are many underlying assumptions that we use to help us quickly process the world around us.  The carpet is covering a solid floor, not a hole.  When I walk outside I will be breathing air.  Carpet isn’t what makes a floor safe to trust.  Circumcision isn’t what was counted as righteousness, and being a child of Abraham was not about genetics, but about faith.  Dear God, show me where my assumptions have led me to trust in a sign of you, rather than in You. Main Text: Romans 4:1-12

Refined, part 6: Boasting
Pastor Matt Wipperman

Focus:  As we are refined, over and over, we find that we never can produce our own righteousness, nor can we earn or influence the righteousness God freely gives.  Righteousness comes by grace alone (Sola Gratia) through faith in Christ Jesus.  It is not at all about us.  There is nothing left for us to boast about unless it is God’s gift to all.  Dear God, melt away my pride, my self-reliance, my ego, and fill me up with your glory. Main Text: Romans 3:21-31

Refined, part 5: Arrogance
Pastor Eric Trickey

Focus:  No matter who you are, you’re no better off than anyone else. No one is pure, no, not one.  We are all in the same boat.  Everyone needs Jesus’ righteousness, and the rest needs to be melted away.  Dear God, show me my arrogance, where I look past or over other people, and replace it with your humility.”  Main Text: Romans 3:9-20

Refined, part 4: Excuses
Dan Luck

Focus:  As we are Refined, impurities separate and can be removed from our lives.  We rationalize our behavior all the time.  “It’s unreasonable to expect...”  “The church leaders don’t even do that.”  “My neighbors would think I’m a weirdo.”  “They got to see grace, so the good must outweigh the bad.”   Dear God, help me to stop making excuses, show me where I have ignored your Word, or rationalized my actions.Main Text: Romans 3:1-8

Refined, part 3: The Show
Pastor Matt Wipperman

Focus:  We might talk a good game, maybe even put on a good show from time to time, but it’s only gold plating.  We might even convince ourselves, but other people can probably still see through, and more importantly, we can’t measure up.  Dear God, help me to stop the act.  I need a heart change. Main Text: Romans 2:17-29

Refined, part 2: Finger-pointing
Pastor Josh Miller

Focus:  As we are Refined, impurities separate and can be removed from our lives.  It’s easy to point to impurity in other people.  But by that very same measurement we are impure.  24K or 99.9% isn’t good enough to be called pure.  Dear God, help me to stop pointing fingers, and free me from trying to be “good enough.” Main Text: Romans 2:1-16

Refined, part 1: Idols
Pastor Matt Wipperman

Focus:  As we are Refined, impurities separate and can be removed from our lives. What has become an idol for you, or for us as a church?  Where is your hope and trust? Wherever our hope and trust is not entirely in God we find ourselves serving the created, instead of the Creator.  Dear God, show me where the idols are in my life, and help me let go as you melt them away. Main Text: Romans 1:18-32

REformed: Intro
Dan Hudson

In 2017 we celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.  Luther saw in Romans that it is faith the righteous live by, not by good works, and thus began his evaluation of the church according to this truth.  As we begin our journey through this “case for faith” we will lean into Romans and see how God will Re-Form us. Text: Romans 1:1-17