This 6-week series takes us through Romans 8.  In this stage in our Re-Formation journey, we see how God REINFORCES us in and for this life He has sent us to live.  Released, and free, we can still be weak.  We worry, we can despair when things don’t seem to go our way.  But God doesn’t just free us and leave us alone.  He won’t leave us.  We have His Spirit.  We know His love.  We have so much to look forward to.  Nothing can stand in His way toward and with us, and thus nothing can stand in our way.  God REINFORCES our faith, our trust, and our hope, for this journey of life He has sent us to live in this sinful world.  REINFORCED by God in us, we are ready!  

Reinforced, part 6: Inseparable
Pastor Matt Wipperman

Focus:  We have eternity to look forward to, the Spirit of God as our strength, God working for good in all things, God on our side willing to do anything, and a declaration of “sin-free” from the Judge as we are in Christ.  Christ has already gained total victory for us.  AND it is impossible for anything else to separate us from Him!  Truly, in our Re-Formation, our Reinforcement comes with more than a lifetime guarantee, we have an eternal guarantee! Main Text: Romans 8:35-39

Reinforced, part 5: Non-Accusable
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Focus:  Who would dare accuse you in front of the Judge, who gave his own Son to stand in your place?  He already heard the case, Jesus already paid the price, the case is closed.  The judge has declared you free from sin.  Any further accusations would be a challenge to the Judge’s authority and a personal insult to the Judge and His Son.

Main Text: Romans 8:33-34

Reinforced, part 4: Non-Opposable
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Focus:  Have you ever had a Goliath standing in your way?  Something or someone insurmountable, threatening to take away all of your joy and hope?  Maybe if you were young, you wished you had The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, or Wonder Woman backing you up?  As an adult maybe you wished someone higher in your company was on your side.  You, brothers and sisters of Christ, have God!  What can stand in the way when God will do anything for us? Main Text: Romans 8:31-32

Reinforced, part 3: Good in All Things

Focus:  What if, even in the midst of difficulty, you knew that God was working for good?  Imagine approaching every situation as an explorer, looking to see how God might be using it for good. Main Text: Romans 8:28-30


Reinforced, part 2: Help in Weakness
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Focus:  Creation groans with us in our weakness and we groan waiting eagerly for the redemption of our bodies.  The Spirit also groans alongside of us, but not out of His weakness or in futility.  The Spirit carries our burden with us, and even brings words on our behalf before the Father.  We might not know what to pray for, or how to pray, but the Spirit speaks for us, on our behalf.  What could be stronger that God’s own Spirit speaking to Him, on our behalf?  Main Text: Romans 8:26-27

Reinforced, part 1: Hope in Suffering
Pastor Matt Wipperman

Focus:  The life we have been freed to live is not all rainbows and unicorns.  We suffer the effects of sin, including frailty, sickness, and pain.  We suffer with Christ in a sinful world that hates the light.  In fact, at times we can gauge how much we have acquiesced to worldly ways by how comfortable we feel here and now.  Though rainbows remind us of God’s promise, even they come in the midst of rain.  But it is here, in suffering, that we are also reminded of how things should be, and we know that when Jesus comes again, they will.  There will be no more suffering. Main Text: Romans 8:18-25