This 8-week series spans chapters nine, ten, and eleven of Paul’s letter to the Romans.  Paul reframes our understanding of the Children of Abraham, poses a series of rhetorical questions, even circling back to As we are being Re-Formed, we see God, through Paul, REALIGNING our posture and attention, toward Him and His trustworthiness, and not toward ourselves.  We are REALIGNED to the truth: that all things are from Him, by Him, and for His Glory.  

Realigned, part 8: From Him, by Him and for Him
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Focus:  We have been Refined, Redeemed, Released, and Reinforced as part of our Re-Formation as His people.  And now we see our full REALIGNMENT to Him.  The truth is that we (along with all things) are from Him, by Him, and for Him.  To him be glory forever. Amen. Main Text: Romans 11:33-36

Realigned, part 7: Mercy for All
Pastor Mike Peters

Focus:  God works for good in all things, even disobedience.  Wrapping up the section of questions about Israel Paul gives us the 30,000 foot view and REALIGNS us again to our amazing God and His plan.  God not only shows mercy to the disobedient, but His mercy multiplies!  God has made sure that He may have mercy on all. 

Main Text: Romans 11:25-32

Realigned, part 6: Unrecoverable?
Pastor Matt Wipperman

Focus:  When Jesus was born it was Israel or bust.  All others were outside.  As Paul lived, he saw so many Jews stumbling over Jesus, even fighting against God’s gift of righteousness, cut off from the vine.  But Paul REALIGNS us to God’s truth, stumbling doesn’t mean they are beyond God’s reach.  God has already demonstrated that no one is beyond His reach.  Who do you know that you don’t think God will reach?  Our hope and trust is in Him alone. Main Text: Romans 11:11-24

Realigned, part 5: Rejected?
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Focus:  As Paul’s heart breaks for his fellow Jews, he continues to REALIGN us to God’s faithfulness in His promise.  Even though Israel often rejected God’s prophets, He didn’t go back on His promise.  Even though Israel continued to seek righteousness by their works and sacrifices, He has maintained a remnant, chosen by grace.  He has not, and will never reject His people, the elect.  God will never reject you. Main Text: Romans 11:1-10

Realigned, part 4: Heard or Understood?
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Focus:  It is in hearing about Jesus and what God has done through Him that people believe.  Why didn’t it work for Israel?  Is there a problem with God’s plan to share His Word through people?  No!  God has always held His hands out to even a disobedient and contrary people.  Dear God, thank you for working faith in the hearts of many who have heard, and for sending all of us to share the Good News about Jesus with others.  Show me today how you want me to share the Gospel. Main Text: Romans 10:5-21

Realigned, part 3: Trying or Trusting??
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Focus:  As we focus on living, we can begin to imagine that we see rightness in action and understanding.  The natural extension, then, is that rightness with God (righteousness) is dependent on action, and our set-apartness is based on our action and worthiness.  This is the stumbling block, for Israel, and still for so many of us today.  As God REALIGNS us to trust Him, will we submit and hold tightly to Him, or will we hold tightly to a righteousness that we have established? Main Text: Romans 9:30-10:4


Realigned, part 1: Children of the Promise
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Focus:  As part of our Re-Formation, we need to be Re-Aligned to God’s truth.  Even after being Reinforced beyond reasonable doubt, the Devil will continue to appeal to our human logic and emotion to erode our confidence and to steal our peace and joy.  So, on the heels of the promise that nothing could ever separate us, the Devil asks, “Really? Well, what about the Israelites, God’s chosen people, the children of the promise?  How did it work out for them?” Main Text: Romans 9:1-13