Financial Health

Building Block #4: Financial Health

This 4-week series is centered on the gift of healthy finances.  Healthy Homes that Spring with Life want financial health. Because an ordinary home blessed by Jesus multiplies joy and freedom as they share His blessings.  This series follows Easter Sunday on April 1, and spans the last 4 weeks of April, ending with Consecration Sunday, a L@ST. The paraments are white for the Easter Season.

Financial Health, part 4: Cheerful Giving
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Focus:  Finances are a gift, and healthy finances are an even greater gift.  Everything is from God, and without merit we are taken care of and given so much.  We are blessed to be a blessing to others. The joy and freedom with which we have received is multiplied when we share. Heavenly Father, help us keep our eyes on Christ and those He would have us share with, rather than chasing after those who have more.  

Main Text: 2 Corinthians 9:6-15

Financial Health, part 3: Wise Managing
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Focus:  Finances are a gift, and Financial Health is an even greater gift. We are not given gifts to hold on to and keep for ourselves, but to manage and use, to sustain our lives and to bless others. Doing so requires wise managing as we put God’s blessings to use.  Heavenly Father, give us wisdom to discern between wants and needs, and the discipline to make choices that give the best kingdom return on your investment.

Main Text: Matthew 25:14-30

Financial Health, part 2: Thankful Dependence
Pastor Matt Wipperman

Focus:  Finances are a gift, and healthy finances are an even greater gift.  A home that returns their first fruits to God in thanksgiving, gives glory to God and is set up for joyful freedom when it comes to money.  It is a home that knows and rests in the fact that they can fully depend on God. It is a home that grows in trust in God and peace around financial matters, and more. It is a home free to spring with life from a solid foundation.

Main Text: 1 Corinthians 16:2

Financial Health, part 1: God's Gifts
Pastor Mike Peters

Focus:  New financial health is one of the 12 building blocks of a home that is springing with life. New financial health is the result of the recognizing that God is the owner, and giver of all things.  Everything we have is a gift to be used. As thankful dependents we give God our first fruits, we plan to live below the means we are entrusted with, and we share what He has given us with others in need, trusting that He will continue to provide for all we need. Out from the under the weight of debt and with abundance to share, our homes spring to life with the joy of generosity.

Main Text: 1 Chronicles 29:10-19