New Dreams

Building Block #11: New Dreams

We live in such hope-challenging times.  God-given sparks that can bring hope are threatened to be snuffed out. Fear can paralyze the dreamer from dreaming. Yet, we declare that Healthy Homes that Spring with Life dream New Dreams. Every human being is given a Divine Spark.  This 4-week series is centered on New Dreams. Dreams are realized when we listen, trust and envision what are part will be in bringing the hope of the Kingdom to our world one person at a time.

New Dreams, part 3: Trust
Pastor Matthew Wipperman

Focus:  God can certainly connect with the world without our participation. He can feed the multitudes without us, bring hope without us, heal without our hands helping. But, He chooses to include us. “You give them something to eat.” This is profound and amazing Good News. And, with His persistent leading we can trust that the dream He has for the world is ours too. You are given the place on His Dream Team! Trust that your specific role on that team is yours to play!

Main Text: Mark 6:30-44

New Dreams, part 2: Listen
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Focus:  Dreams arise out of inspiration. Inspiration is stirred when we listen. For the follower of Jesus, the promises of God are the source of our dreams. We sit and listen. And, as we do, we are inspired to believe and act. God leads us to dream. In order to participate in this dream sharing we must take time to really listen.  There are so many voices (things we read, see, hear, experience) vying for our attention, for our time, and for our hearts. Will the inspiring words of truth that come from His mouth get our attention?

Main Text: Lamentations 3:19-24; Ephesians 2:8-10; Colossians 1:9-14

New Dreams, part 1: Defined
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Focus:  New Dreams is one of the 12 building blocks of a home that is springing with life. New Dreams are sparked when we acknowledge that God makes all things new, that His Spirit has been poured out on all people. Fears are the enemy of dreams. Fears are subject to God’s grace and mercy. “The Lord has done great things!” is the refrain of dreamers and dreams. Our God will always be in the dream business until all people are saved.

Main Text: Joel 2:12-32