HBGT 3: Who Is Man?

Series  Overview: This 5-week series is centered on the doctrine of man.  Healthy Homes Built on Grace and Truth are clear about the answer to this simple, yet profound question. Because the world claims an answer to this question that is in diametric opposition to God, it is crucial that WE ARE CLEAR.

Who Is Man, part 4: Conflict Over The Origin of Evil
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Focus:  Where DOES evil come from? And how do we deal with it? Let’s dive deeper this week and look for the answer.

Main Text: James 3:1-12, Matthew 15:10-20

Who Is Man, part 3: Conflict Over Morality and Need
Pastor Matt Wipperman

Focus:  Last week’s answer has implications. Is mankind good or evil?  As we learned last week, we see different answers to this question. All of us would agree, however, that there IS evil. So, where does it come from? And, based on the answer to this question, what is mankind’s most pressing need? And, how does that need get met?

Main Text: Colossians 3:1-10

Who Is Man, part 1: A Cosmic Conflict
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Focus:  Perhaps THE foundation of homes built on grace & truth is the answer to the question “Who is man?” Without clarity on this question there is no proper, life-giving understanding of grace or truth. We all know the conflict in our own bodies. We want to behave and think rightly, but we fail to carry out what we want. But, are we aware of the conflict that arises when we compare the world’s answer to this question to God’s?

Main Text: Romans 7:7-25