HBGT 12: Whose Story

This 5-week series is centered on History.  Healthy Homes Built on Grace and Truth want to be grounded in what God has done. Because being part of God’s story makes sense of our lives and purpose today, and keeps our hope for the future in view. 

Whose Story, part 4: The Larger Story
Pastor Matt Wipperman

Focus:  There is a larger story, a “meta-narrative” that all of this is part of.  We can read the history of it, His Story, in His Word. We can see God working in His Story, and in our lives, to bring about exactly what He says.  And we can look forward to everything God promises in “the fullness of time”, because this is His Story. The story of God, the Creator and Sovereign sustainer of all things.  And our stories are part of it.  

Main Text: Isaiah 9:2-7

Isaiah 9:2-7

Whose Story, part 3: The Battle for Control
Pastor Mike Peters

Focus:  The battle over history, and objective truth, is ultimately a battle for control.  I want to do what I want, and I don’t want anyone else to tell me that I can’t do what I want.

Main Text: Luke 2: 28-35

Whose Story, part 2: Historical Revisionism
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Focus:  “Did God really say?” Remember the Devil’s first challenge of mankind in the garden?  If the past determines what we believe in the present, it’s no wonder historical revision has been happening since the beginning. What’s at stake, then, is truth in the here and now. 

Main Text: Matthew 28:11-15


Whose Story, part 1: HIS Story
Pastor Matt Wipperman

Focus:  The story of humanity, of the Earth, is His story. He is the Creator, the sustainer of all things.  God commands His people to “remember”, because what we believe in the present is determined by the past.   

Main Text: Micah 5:2-5a


Micah 5:2-5a