Connecting 9: Next

This 4-week series is centered on what comes Next as we are clearly connecting.  There will be times we will be disturbed as we clearly see the status quo in the world for what it is. We will better recognize deceivers as we connect with Jesus and God’s Word.  We’ll experience relationships received as we connect with our church and community.  And we’ll be able to face the unknown with hope, clearly understanding God’s promises and His control of the future. As we close the book of Acts we can lean into what’s next with hope and trust in God.

Next, part 4: The Unknown
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Focus:  When everything was falling apart, with his life and the lives of those around him at great risk, Paul still had hope.  The Bible says that certain things must happen. And because those things must happen, even if they’re scary things, we can keep our heads in the present and be ready for what’s next.   

Main Text: Acts 27:9-26


Next, part 3: Relationships Received
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Focus:  It can be easy to imagine the cost of following Jesus in terms of relationships challenged or even lost, but we’re promised more.  For Paul, what started as losing those around him, turned into a huge amount of experiences and relationships received.

Main Text: Acts 21:1-17


Next, part 2: Deceiver
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Focus:  Paul warns the Ephesians about what is coming next, deceivers, from outside, and also from within. Imagine being together as a church and hearing that people from within the church will deceive others? “Surely not I?!?” 

Main Text: Acts 20:17-35


Next, part 1: Disturbing
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Focus:  What Paul saw in Ephesus disturbed him to the very core, idols to every god imaginable, even one “To the unknown god.” How do you even talk to people who support a totally different state of affairs?

Main Text: Acts 17:16-34