I Am With You 8: The Truth

Overview: Our God wants to be known. He sent Jesus. Jesus wants to be known. He reveals His  character over and over again from new and different angles. He uses metaphors that we can relate to so we can know Him. He is with us. He is with us like bread, light, open doors, a good shepherd, resurrection & life, way, truth, life, a true vine, living one, the first and last. As we set our intention this year to let our households be WELLs (Welcome in Jesus, Engage Our Neighbors, Listen for Insight, and Love to Try), we will be strengthened as we discover that Jesus is not just with us in general, but that He is with us in very tangible ways at just the right time, in just the right way!

The Truth, part 5: Freedom Not Suppression
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Focus:  The Kingdom of God exhibits a very different set of values and ethos than the kingdom’s of the world. The encounter with Pontius Pilate during Jesus’ trial makes this abundantly clear. One kingdom seems to prevail here. Another seems to be suppressed. Pilate, the Jewish leaders, the crowd, even the followers of Jesus in their hushed, silent fear seem to choose the strength of Rome. Yet here is the Truth standing right in front of you. Jesus is the truth. And, He is true freedom. 

Main Text: John 18:28-38


The Truth, part 4: Strength For The Work Not Freedom From It
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Focus: In one of the most important prayers recorded in Scripture Jesus cries out to His Father,  “Sanctify them by the truth; Your word is truth. As You sent Me into the world, I have also sent them into the world.”  Even with last week’s message still echoing in our consciousness, Jesus prays for our sanctification BECAUSE He is sending us to love the world in THE SAME WAY HE DID. And, our power source is TRUTH. We have TRUTH on our side. His Word is TRUTH. And that truth gets worked out in active love.

Main Text: John 17:15-19


The Truth, part 3: Victory Not Surrender
Pastor Matt Wipperman

Focus: “Who can win this battle against the world?” This is a question to consider today, even as we consider it in its original context in this letter from St. John. As a follower of Jesus do you ever feel like the world is winning? Do you ever feel like you are being coerced into submission? Is the overwhelming tide of lies, deception, animosity, division, pulling you under? There is hope! We will overcome. We will prevail. And not just with our own mental or physical fortitude. But, with this clear answer. The guaranteed winners are “Only those who believe that Jesus is the Son of God.” Those who are connected to life in Jesus will conquer. Those who follow Jesus are victorious, will overcome, prevail, and subdue the world. How can this be true? Because Jesus is the only answer to mankind’s greatest enemy!

Main Texts: 1 John 5:1-8


The Truth, part 2: Visible Not Concealed
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Focus:  It’s nothing new. Ever since the earliest days in the Garden (see Genesis 3), the enemy of humanity has been attempting to twist and suppress the TRUTH. And, all along God has made TRUTH plain to everyone. It is visible, clear. Truth is not fuzzy or hard to see. It IS suppressed by mankind, however. Why? 

Main Text: Romans 1:16-20


The Truth, part 1: Reality Not Illusion
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Focus:  This evening had to be surreal and confusing. Even in this familiar celebration of the passover, everything was different. The weight of the teaching this time signaled a critical juncture in their journey. And to think that Jesus was holding back and not telling them everything. (16:12) And in the midst of this, Jesus says “I am leaving.” And, “it will be better for you if I leave.” (16:17) So much of what Jesus had shown them throughout their three years together seemed otherworldly. And, the words tonight about an Advocate, a Guide that would be sent after He was gone at some level must have seemed unreal. Yet, they had seen Him back up His words time and time again. He even calls the Advocate who would come, “the Spirit of Truth.” (14:16)

Main Text: John 14:15-26 & 16:5-16