1impact 2013

As we conclude our three-year 1impact Vision Campaign, we want to celebrate what God has done and begin processing what’s next in our continuing journey.  As we enter 2014 it is time for us to renew our individual commitments to live intentionally as missionaries.  The Kingdom of God advances 1 person at a time.  We are entering a new focused-season of individual ownership…1more…  

1impact 2013 Commitment Sunday
Pastor Jeff Meyer

 It’s amazing what we can do when we covenant with each other.  We can do great things when we work together.  We can accomplish much when we’re intentional. 

As a church we have been intentionally focused for the past 3 years on pursuing our vision “One Church. Regional Impact.”  Many of us have participated during these three years in a Vision Campaign called 1impact.

We press on…until Madison is transformed.  Until no one is thirsty for Good News.

Jesus is looking for individuals to make an impact- 1 person, 1neighborhood, 1region at a time. Will you make an impact?    Text: Philippians 3:10-21; John 6:39

1impact, part 4: 1more community
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Some of us have been sent to Fitchburg, some to Verona, some to East Madison.  All of us to “connect people to life in Jesus.”  As each of us responds to the questions we’ve been asked over the past three weeks (Will you choose to be a friend?  Will you choose to be a leader?  Will you choose to be a giver?) new communities will emerge as mission fields that we labor in with the Lord.  Jesus is looking for 1more community to impact.  Will you choose to join Him?  Texts: Luke 10:1, Jeremiah 29:5-7; 11-13; John 10:16; Luke 4:43; Acts 2:42-47

1impact, week 3: 1more giver
Dan Luck

We are saved by God’s generosity alone.  The command to give, to be generous in no way saves us or makes us right with God.  We are already made right with God through Jesus.  Yet, by learning generosity, we claim the benefits of life in Jesus in greater fullness.  When I clutch, I strain.  When I give, I am set free.  When 1more person chooses to be a giver, people get to experience the generosity of God.  Jesus is looking for 1more giver.  Will you choose to be a giver?  Text: 1 Timothy 6:17-19 

1impact, week 2: 1more leader
Pastor Jeff Meyer

A vast majority of us actively choose to not lead.  We self-exclude.  “Leadership is not for everyone,” they say defiantly.  Today we hear a different word.  Today we learn that leadership is influence.  When 1more person chooses to be a leader, more and more people learn how to follow Jesus.  Jesus is looking for 1more leader.  Will you choose to be a leader? Text: Luke 10:1-9:  John 20:21 

1impact, week 1: 1more friend
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Perhaps the most memorable tagline ever was “Just DO it.”  With that bold exhortation, NIKE encouraged many people to get physically active.  Jesus teaches us today that His friends are the ones who DO.  There is a stark contrast between those who choose to be friends and those who do not.  When 1more person chooses to be a friend, there is a rippling effect of love that transforms our neighborhoods, our communities, and our world.  Jesus is looking for 1more friend.  Will you choose to be a friend?  Text: Luke 10:25-37