September Skills

Theme:  Family and Friends

Color:  Yellow

Shape:  Square

Preschool started this month.  This is the first preschool experience for all the children in both of our classes.  We spent the entire month emphasizing family and friends and how God loves us all.  During September we also dealt with separation anxiety.  We reassured the children that mommies and daddies always come back.  

Basic classroom skills were also practiced this month.  We practiced walking up and down the stairs, drinking out of small cups, washing our hands, using our manners, and sharing toys.  We also learned new songs to help make the transitions between activities easier. We started with our Bible stories right away.  We did projects around the creation story, Noah's ark, and baby Moses.  Fall started in September, so we talked about how our world changes in fall, made and examined sunflowers, and had an apple tasting, too. The weather was beautiful this month.  We were able to do our gross motor time outside, on the playground, most days.  The children loved climbing on the play structures, swinging, and playing with trucks in the gravel area.

 September Skills

Theme - Family and Friends

Color - Yellow

Shape - Square

The 3s talked about what a family is, who is in a family, and why we have families.  We also talked about what we like to do with our families.  We finished off the month by learning about friendship and how we can each be a good friend to others.  We read a number of books about family and friends too.

We worked with each child to assess what they know regarding the ABC colors, and shapes.  We worked on learning how to hold scissors properly and cut along a straight line.  We painted a picture of friends with watercolor.  We also made a family tree with each child using their handprint for the leaves.  The children drew a self portrait and assembled and apple face picture.  

Bible story time this month has included discussions about prayer, the creation, Noah ark, Moses and the Ten Commandments and Joseph and his brothers.  We taught the children our bible story prayer song.  We also taught them our magic trick of snuffing out our prayer candle when we are all done with bible story time. We were able to have an apple pie themed sensory table which was filled with mini pie tins, rice, measuring cups, measuring spoons, and laminated apples with each child name on them.  We also had the water table in our class which was filled with water, mini fishing nets, and sponge letters and numbers.

September Skills

Themes - Welcome to School & Family and Friends

Letters - L and F

Spanish - Greetings and Manners

Color - Red (Rojo)

Shape - Square (el cuadrado)

Our 4-K class got off to a great start! The class has been making new friendships and renewing old friendships.  We learned about our families and how each is similar in many ways but different in others.

We had fun exploring our room and playing in all of the different areas.  We made apple pies in the kitchen, made lots of fun art projects, played games and made some interesting structures in the block area.  

We started our Science journal by predicting which flavor apple we would like best and drawing a picture of the apple.  We then tasted 3 apples without skin and learned if our predictions were correct.  We also did some planting outside and look forward to seeing our bulbs come up next spring.

 Our letters this month were L and F.  We made lemonade, lollipops, and footballs and painted with forks. Jesus time focused on the beginning of the bible.  Our stories included the Creation story, Adam and Eve and the Garden, Noah and Abraham.  We also watched skits with our puppet friends Scooter and Beth.

The weather was good and we enjoyed lots of time out on the playground.