Everyone has something that is unique to them, a journey, a friendship, an experience that can spark imagination, inspire compassion or move others to action. Check out a story today and then go create one of your own.



Kevin Jiang, Fitchburg, WI

A modern day version of the Prodigal Son.

Sheila Anderson, Fitchburg site

God answers a prayer for encouragement by sending an assignment.

Julie Keyes, Verona, WI

Christmas carols ignite a spark over dessert and candlelight.

Maria Radtke, Brooklyn, WI

Creative way to share thankfulness with lifeGroup and friends.

Joan Dawson, Fitchburg, WI

I’ve noticed that when I trustingly give, I get back.

Kelly Huet, Milwaukee, WI

One man's quest to share random acts of kindness.

Sarah Oberdeck, Coffee Shop in Madison WI

Two women choose to be genuine and find a new friend.

Kyla Smith, Verona, WI

A daily run turns into a learning moment with God.

Elsa Gumm, Cedarburg, WI

A sister's story of letting go and letting God control the outcome of her brother's life.

Jeff Meyer, Verona

Three friends discover a new tool that will help them see God in all of their daily activities

Amy Meyer, Verona

Making the time to ask a friend how they are.

Kathy Hinzman, Verona, WI

Sonrisas Assisted Living and the Church in Verona partner together to serve the elderly in Verona, WI.

Dan Haupt and Willie Triplett, Madison, WI

Two men brought together by stepping outside of their comfort zone into a relationship of discovery, commitment and love.

Elsa Gumm, Fitchburg, WI

Responding to a nudge from God to let go of her graduate program and pursue a life as a follower of Christ.

Jason and Mayme Keagy, Madison, WI

Devoting themselves to walking along side refugees relocating to Madison, Wisconsin.

Julliane Waldrop, Madison, WI

Gained a community of friends after losing an apartment to a fire.

Tom Parslow, Fitchburg, WI

Leader of the Lacy Gardens, shares his story of raising fresh vegetables for the St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry

Mike Peters, Verona, WI

A personal journey from self-reliance to dependence on God.

Candance, Madison, WI

Believing in God doesn't make all the bad parts of life go away, but now that I know Him, I know I am not alone.

Sarah Oberdeck, Madison, WI

Realizing how much she is loved by God and how active He could be in her life.

Jennifer Kostuch, Fitchburg, WI

A self sufficient family learns how to depend on God.

Peg Strange, Fitchburg, WI

We have been given everything we need to be generous with what we have.

Grace, Mazomanie, WI

I have a strong faith, but I lose it throughout the year at times, almost like I forget I have a large fire burning in my heart until I'm reminded there is something fueling it.

Alyssa, Madison, WI

God is good and God is big, way bigger than I ever thought or gave Him credit for

Jason Keagy, Ridgeway, WI

My personality is molded to match my gifts rather than my gifts being held hostage by my personality.

Brooke, Madison, WI

Rachel, Verona, WI

Learning how to put others before myself.

Cana Laska, Madison, WI

Being a missionary does not require leaving my comfort zone, but instead, it requires me to allow my life to shine the light of Christ into every zone in which He has placed me.

Dan Haupt, Madison, WI

Discovering the passion and courage to connect others to life in Christ so they too may experience Jesus and his transforming impact.

Matt Wipperman, Madison, WI

To trust in the blessing, and not the One who blesses, is to make an idol out of "job security."

Patrick and Michelle Tsai, Madison, WI

Doing our best to show God's wonders by how we live every day with Him

Dannie Jaeger, the Church

Focusing on my values, priorities and goals help me make decisions about how I spend my resources – my time, money and emotional energy.

Phil Busse

"Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine you did for me." A welcoming way of life passed down from generations and reaching across cultures.

Jeff Meyer, Verona, WI

What are you passionate about that is going to motivate you to take the first step in making an impact?

Jeff Meyer, Verona, WI

Jesus calls us to be followers not fans.

Jeff Meyer, Verona, WI

What would happen if we all shared the 1love of Jesus.

Jeff Meyer, Verona, WI

Surrendering to Jesus, the one who is the same today, tomorrow and forever and will never disappoint.

Jeff Meyer, Verona, WI

God does not play favorites and that each of us, as followers of Christ, have direct access to the Creator of the Universe