Our desire is to connect teens and their families to Life in Jesus while equipping students with the skills they need to be life-long followers of Jesus.



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Higher Ground is what we call our 7th-12th grade youth group at the Church. Our desire is to connect teens and their families to Life in Jesus while equipping students with the skills they need to be life-long followers of Jesus. At the same time, we exist to also equip families to have Christ-centered homes that nurture a day-to-day relationship with Jesus. Higher Ground is a place where teens will find adults who invest in them, space to ask questions about life and faith, other teens to build friendships with, and experiences that bring an excitement to this journey of learning to walk with Jesus. Higher Ground is a place where parents will be equipped to raise their children to know Jesus and empowered to walk alongside their children and other families during the exciting teenage years.

Here are some of the things you'll experience when you are a part of our Higher Ground family:


7th-12th grade students meet together once a month for a teen worship experience. You'll find us at the Church at Christ Memorial on the first Sunday of each month, from 5:30-8pm. Students gather for dinner and games during the first part of the evening. Later, a student band leads us in worship and students engage in dialogue around God's Word together. This is also a time when students have hands-on experiences that deepen their faith.


All Higher Ground students are part of smaller lifeGroups. These lifeGroups are divided by middle and high school, and occasionally by gender or regions where students live. lifeGroups provide an avenue for students to have a community that helps them explore their faith and learn to live it out. Each lifeGroup is led by adults who are committed to walking with teens as they learn what it means to be a disciple. High School lifeGroups meet the 2 nd-4th Sundays of each month. Middle School lifeGroups meet the 2 nd and 3rd Sundays of the month.


We believe teens are perfectly positioned to serve God and their community right now. We embrace the teen years as a time for students to explore who God made them to be and how they can use those gifts to glorify God. Middle School students participate in group service projects the last Sunday of each month. High School lifeGroups work together to use their gifts in service projects they design. All Higher Ground students have opportunities throughout the year to serve throughout the community as well as within the church.


Higher Ground hosts 2 retreats a year. At these retreats, students experience crazy fun and time to build relationships. Retreat topics are around issues that are relevant to teens today.

Mission Trips

The calling to make disciples and impact our world isn't just for adults! Each summer we invite our teens to join us in life changing mission trips that expand their understanding of the world and allow them to use their gifts to make an impact. Mission trips are available for 5th-7th grade students and 8th-12th grade students. This year, our mission trip is in South Dakota on July 30th -August 5th, 2017. Fill out a registration form here if you plan to go with us!