This survey lists areas of service, outreach, and ministry – for each area, please indicate your level of interest using the options listed. Your choices do not obligate you to any commitment. The information gathered using this survey will be used to help facilitate the connection of people with shared interests and passions, and to help inform future goals and initiatives of the Church.


  • Interested (Looking to Help) - You are interested in participating if someone else leads.
  • Passionate (Looking to Lead) - You are devoted to leading in this area (you may want to limit this to 1 or 2 selections).
  • Active (Currently Engaged) - You are already leading or actively participating in this area.
  • Advisor (Formerly Active) - You have led in this area before and are willing to advise if someone else leads.
  • Not Interested - You are not interested in participating in this area at this time.


Click the button to the left to take the survey online or you can download a PDF here and return it to the Church office. Thank you!