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Vision - Regional Impact

What is "Regional Impact"?

Jesus is leading every one of us to make an impact in our world, 1person, 1neighborhood, 1region at a time until no one is thirsty.

Why "Regional Impact"?

We believe that YOU are our best vehicle to connect people to life in Jesus.  Church...Where You Are!

5 year Beyond the Horizon (2022)

In 2022 our designated REGIONS are well-watered and bearing Kingdom fruit. By sharing Jesus, the Living Water, in authentic relationships, our first 40 household wells have been dug and are intentionally sustaining the thirsty nearby. As a result there are more and more stories of quenched thirst that are empowering our next 40 household wells. There are also 25+ 1-with-1 discipling relationships discovering Jesus as they go. Within these designated REGIONS we are seeing Jesus-followers going where the thirsty are. This movement is a direct result of people identifying themselves as missionaries in their local context. The 40 household wells & 25+ 1-with-1 discipling relationships are living as missionaries answering the question, "How do we get the Living Water to everyone?" With this significant start we are convinced that every Jesus-follower carries water 1 person, 1 neighborhood, 1 region at a time until no one in Madison is thirsty.

Key points

  • Designated REGIONS
  • 40 Household Wells
  • 25+ 1-with-1 discipling relationships
  • Every Jesus-follower carries water
  • 1person, 1 neighborhood, 1region at a time

What do you mean by "Household WELL??"

  • Welcomes in                     …Jesus
  • Engages with                    …Neighbors
  • Listens for                         …Insight
  • Loves to                             …Try

We praise you, Lord for the emerging vision you have given this congregation. We thank you that we are starting to see that you have been leading us to Regional Impact. As the plans become clear, we ask, Lord, that you prepare us. Prepare us for what you will ask of us. Strengthen our resolve to trust you, to seek you, to obey you! Give us courage to embrace our individual responsibility to connect people to life in Jesus. Increase in us a passion to love and serve people. We praise you today, Father, for allowing us the privilege of partnering with you in your mission to love the world. May we be faithful to this high calling.  In Jesus' name.  Amen.