Log into Elexio to connect with people you know at the Church, update your personal information and privacy settings, view calendar events, make one-time and recurring donations, view your contributions and pledge amounts, and even check-in to worship!



1. Click on the Elexio icon here, or on the "Elexio Login" button at the top of the screen.

2. Enter your unique username.

3. Enter your password (temporary password for new users).

4. Click "LOGIN".

5. Click on the "ACCOUNT" tab within Elexio to update your password.

If you don't remember your login details, would like to create an account with us, or need any help getting this set up, email Jess at jomalley@livelifetogether.com

Give Online

1. Login to your Elexio account.

2. Click "Give Now".

3. Choose your gift Amount and designated Fund.

4. To add an additional donation, choose "+ Add Donation".

5. Check the box if you want this to be a recurring donation.

6. Choose your payment type (Credit or Bank Account) and enter your payment details.

7. Click Submit.  You're all done!



Download the Elexio Community Mobile App

1. Install the app named "Elexio Community" from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store/iTunes. (Looks like the image below)

2. Open the App and replace "domain" with livelifetogether

3. Enter your username

4. Enter your password (temporary for new accounts)

If you don't already know your username and password, or need help getting this set up, email Jess at jomalley@livelifetogether.com