Our lifeLines are thought provoking questions that follow the current sermon series. These questions are used by our lifeGroups in their weekly gatherings to help facilitate discussion as they read and apply God's WORD, PRAY for each other and those far from God, and LOVE each other (our new, simplified lifeGroup rhythm of Word, Pray, Love). 

We have different versions of the lifeLines for different amounts of assistance given in the WORD section.  The PRAY and LOVE sections are the same in each version of the lifeLines.

lifeLines UTILITY simply gives the weekly sermon Scripture to lifeGroups to read and discuss and suggests one of the methods of reading God's Word from our Disciple's Utility Kit

lifeLines GUIDE gives the weekly sermon Scripture to lifeGroups to read and then suggests questions to help facilitate the discussion based on that Scripture.

lifeLines REFERENCE gives the lifeGroup leader more information to use as they prepare for a lifeGroup discussion based on lifeLines Guide, if they wish.  It starts with lifeLines Guide and then adds notes and comments from Study Bibles, Commentaries, and Pastors, among others.  It is not intended to be the resource a lifeGroup goes through together.

In lifeGroup we read and apply God's WORD together. Our focus is application of the Word.  We grow together as we encourage and challenge each other and as God's Word affects life change.

We PRAY together as God's Word and our lives prompt us, for each other and for those we know or may someday know who are not yet connected to life in Jesus.

We LOVE each other and support each other as we live life together.  We share the ups and downs of life, celebrations and exhilirations as well as hurts and difficulties, in lifeGroup. 

We are always seeking to invite our neighbors and friends to join us. As a result, our lifeGroups are always multiplying as new leaders are raised up. We also find creative ways to use our gifts, time and talent to serve others in our community…we call it lifeServe.