1more friend GIVER

Campaign Overview: This 5-week series will redefine giving from sacrificial to investment.    We will be using the book by Mike Breen entitled “Oikonomics:  How to Invest In Life’s 5 Capitals the Way Jesus Did”


Jesus is looking for 1more giver.

Will God’s people at the Church choose to be a giver?

1more GIVER, part 4: Investing Physical and Intellectual Capital
Pastor Matt Wipperman

Focus: Descending our Kingdom hierarchy, somewhere in the middle we consider today the time and energy we have to invest in people and projects.  “It comprises the time we make available to as well as the capacity we have to use that time.”  pg 48 “Oikonomics”  We also consider the creative ideas and solutions we bring to the world.  “Jesus was no slouch when it came to intelligence.”  pg. 48 “Oikonomics” Nor are His followers.  Let’s discover together how we can invest these gifts for the purposes of Jesus.  Main Text: John 15:1-8; Mt. 22:23-33

1more GIVER, part 5: Investing Financial Capital
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Focus: Today, as we make our financial investment promise to each other and to the Lord, we do so recognizing what we have learned over these past few weeks.  Lowest in the Kingdom Hierarchy is financial investment.  in its proper perspective the gift of money can be a huge kingdom resource.  How does your investment of financial capital reveal your understanding of its value position in Jesus’ Kingdom? Main Text: Genesis 26:12-31

1more GIVER, part 3: Investing Spiritual & Relational Capital
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Focus: First things first!  According to Jesus, spiritual capital is the most important of all.  Living life under the rule of Jesus yields eternal life.  And, this is available to everyone!  It is at the same time radically valuable and available.  pg. 55 “Oikonomics”    Entering this market is simple.  Not easy, but simple.   Family and friends is next on the list.  We get our inspiration from Jesus who invested Himself to buy freinds.  He purchased and won us.  We are called to do the same.

Main Text: Mark 1:14-15; Mt. 7:24-27

1more GIVER, part 2: Kingdom Order
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Focus: Use your worldly resources to benefit others and make friends.  -Jesus

Have you ever considered that Jesus had an investment strategy?  What’s yours?  How do you think your investment strategy compares to Jesus’? Text: Luke 16:1-13

1more GIVER, part 1 Sacrifice?
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Focus: Sacrifice?  Really?  “We often hear the call to discipleship only through the lens of sacrifice (looking at what we are losing).  But Jesus rarely spoke this way!  When He talked about discipleship, He always spoke through the lens of investment, looking at what we were gaining.” pg.11-12 “Oikonomics”  Today we are graciously invited to apprentice with Jesus and learn what it really means to “have it all.”
Main Text: Matthew 6:24-33