Christmas: He's Here

Christmas is the celebration of the kingdom coming in the person and work of the promised and prophesied Messiah, Jesus Christ.  He is, Emmanuel, God with us.  His name is Jesus, for He will save His people from their sins. Christmas is a time of celebration, coming to the manger to see God’s love gift to the world, to see God come to be with us, and to deliver us so that we can be with Him now and forever.

He's Here, The Embodiment Of Wisdom
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Focus: God honored Solomon’s request when of all things he asked for wisdom to govern God’s people from David’s throne.  Wisdom on the throne.  This is God’s gift as seen in Jesus, at the temple in Jerusalem.  Jesus lived and spoke with and from a wisdom and understanding that was baffling to all who encountered Him.  Where does your wisdom and understanding come from? Main Text: Luke 2:41-52

Christmas: He's Here, The Rescuer of Israel

He's Here, The Rescuer of Israel
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Focus: What do you yearn to see before you die?  What would make you say, “Now I can die happy”?  The Holy Spirit told Simeon that he would see God’s Messiah, Israel’s rescuer, before he died.  For a people, and world, that had been waiting for hundreds of years, many generations without seeing the Messiah, hope could have been lost. Text: Luke 2:22-40