Emotional Health

This 4-week series is centered on the gift of emotional health.  Healthy Homes that Spring with Life have a healthy, God-given understanding of human emotion. They have learned how to respond to emotion and look to God who designed them as emotional beings for discernment and counsel. Because a home experiencing all the human emotion with God’s wisdom and discernment bursts forth with life.

Emotional Health, part 4: The Promise
Pastor Matt Wipperman

Focus:  Hope. Confidence. Deeply anchored roots. Not bothered by drought or heat. Repeatedly producing fruit. All of these, “rewards” for homes that allow the Lord to search hearts and examine motives.

Main Text: Jeremiah 17:5-10

Emotional Health, part 3: The Response
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Focus:  As it relates to human emotion, fear leads to control. Freedom leads to life. Homes that spring with life understand and embrace this dynamic and respond appropriately.

Main Text: Romans 8:1-17

Emotional Health, part 2: The Reality
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Focus:  The Spirit of God produces health. Our flesh without the Spirit’s intervention produces death in all of its forms. A home that springs with life will keep in step with the Spirit as it experiences human emotion.

Main Text: Galatians 5:16-25

Emotional Health, part 1: The Choice
Pastor Matt Wipperman

Focus: Emotional Health is one of the 12 building blocks of a home that is springing with life. Emotional Health begins with the acknowledgement that we are created by God with emotions. Emotions are not to be avoided or suppressed. With each emotional experience comes a choice. We can choose to turn to God and trust His leadership in that moment. Our choices bring life or death.

Main Text: Deuteronomy 30:11-20