I Am With You 1: I AM

Jesus can be trusted. Let every Household WELL be secure in this: Jesus is! Jesus claims that He is God’s answer for humanity. There are no other answers to the dilemma of our existence. So, He existed. And, exists!  Forever. What an amazing comfort for those who know. And, what disappointment and longing for those who don’t.

I AM, part 5: Your Deliverer
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Focus:  This sermon got Stephen killed. And, even in His death, Stephen was ultimately delivered. Israel’s redemption story is a foreshadowing of our own! Jesus is your deliverer. 

Main Text: Acts 7:30-38, 51


I AM, part 4: The Holy One of God
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Focus:  The healing power of Jesus makes visible for the moment who He is. In His name, healing makes abundantly clear that He was and is who He claimed to be. His followers bear His name, spread His healing, to bring the clarity of His identity to the world. Only the Holy One can make things right. Only the Holy of God can restore all things. 

Main Text: Acts 3:12-16


I AM, part 3: Infinite & Intimate
Pastor Matt Wipperman

Focus:  How do you respond when given a task or an assignment that you know you aren’t cut out for? What do you do when you know you are not enough? Any mission that is bigger than ourselves is overwhelming. At some point each and every one of us has been up against it and wondered if we were enough. We are finite. We have limited capacity. In spite of our limitations, God says, “Go for me.” Wow! Why? Why doesn’t He chose someone more qualified? 

Main Text: Exodus 3:1-15


I AM, part 2: Forever, There Is No Other
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Focus:  When Jesus says that before Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, I AM, He is making such a bold claim that it almost cost Him His life. The people who heard that proclamation on that day knew exactly what He was claiming. They rejected I AM. They refused to believe that Jesus, the man in front of them was the eternal God. I AM echoes throughout the ages: “There is no other God-there never has been, and there never will be!”

Main Text: John 8:48-59


I AM, part 1: Year in Preview
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Focus:  Household WELLs 1) Welcomes in Jesus, 2) Engages with Neighbors, 3) Listens for Insight, and 4) Loves to Try. As we seek to live in our communities so as to bring living water to the thirsty, it is critically important that we know the ONE who is sending us. It is also vital that we know He doesn’t just send us, but that He is with us! 

Main Text: Isaiah 43: 5 & Matthew 28:20