I Am With You 6: Resurrection & the Life

Our God wants to be known. He sent Jesus. Jesus wants to be known. He reveals His  character over and over again from new and different angles. He uses metaphors that we can relate to so we can know Him. He is with. He is with us like, bread, light, open doors, a good shepherd, resurrection & life, way, truth, life, a true vine, living one, the first and last. As we set our intention this year to let our households be WELLs (Welcome in Jesus, Engage Our Neighbors, Listen for Insight, and Love to Try), we will be strengthened as we discover that Jesus is not just with us in general, but that He is with us in very tangible ways at just the right time, in just the right way!

Resurrection & the Life, part 4: For the Assurance of Hope
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Focus:  Many philosophies abound concerning the afterlife. And many who deny Jesus and His “resurrection & the life claim” conjecture about how it will all work out. Any engagement with them to answer their “what if” questions can leave us confounded and frustrated. Unless, of course, we stick with Jesus. He is the only necessary answer. Listen. Watch. Learn. From Him. He gives a foundation that never crumbles, a hope that is never confounded! Jesus Himself is our Assurance of Hope! 

Main Text: Luke 20:27-40


Resurrection & the Life, part 3: For the Strengthening of the Church
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Focus:  The teaching that Jesus is the resurrection and the life has always been a conundrum, a disturbing proclamation. In the first century, and today, this declaration brings profound comfort, and deep mockery, if not disdain. The truth works this way. And since this is true, those who are commissioned to proclaim it (you and me) must be strengthened and sustained for this most important message. “Jesus lives! He is the resurrection & the life.”

Main Texts: Acts 4:1-4/ 1 Peter 3:14-22


Resurrection & the Life, part 2: For the Benefit of People
Pastor Matt Wipperman

Focus:  Lazarus. Tabitha/Dorcas. Two real people. Dead. One, already buried. Another awaiting her burial. One raised by Jesus, the Lord of life. The other, raised to life by Jesus’ empowered disciple, Peter. Why? And, were the miracles for the benefit of Lazarus and Tabitha? At first glance, perhaps. But, looking a little deeper...

Main Text: John 11:38-44/ Acts 9:36-42




Resurrection & the Life, part 1: For the Glory of God
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Focus:  As human beings we love the dramatic rescue, the miraculous. We love hearing the stories. Better yet, we long to be released from anything that causes us pain. In fact, sometimes we equate the removal of pain as the evidence of God’s presence, power and love. And, the absence of that rescue as the evidence of the opposite. Today, as we begin this deeper dive into the metaphor that Jesus is the “Resurrection & The Life” we start here: He IS...FOR THE GLORY OF GOD! 

Main Text: John 11:1-26