I Am With You 7: The Way

The Way, part 4: Waymaker
Pastor Matt Wipperman

Focus: Even when there is no way out, God can make a way.  He made the way out of slavery in Egypt for Israel, and He sent Jesus to make the way out of slavery to sin and Death for all of His people.

Main Text: Exodus 12:29-42


The Way, part 3: Guide
Pastor Jeff Meyer

The Way, part 2: Unified
Dan Luck

Focus:  Exclusive, in that there is only one way, but also inclusive since the way is now open to all people.  Jesus is the way for all people, no matter your heritage, lineage, or your own past .  We’re all the same, whether we grew up in the church or whether we are brand new followers of The Way.  Where there used to be division, or even where we still see division on Earth, Christ’s death and resurrection, one for all, unifies us as one in God’s family.

Main Text: Ephesians 2:11-18


The Way, part 1: No Exceptions
Pastor Matt Wipperman

Focus: The Jesus who came to love and serve and teaches and commands the same of His followers seems fairly acceptable to most people.  But what about Jesus who claims that “No one can come to the Father except through me.”  How does the world reconcile universal love with a singular way to God?  As followers of The Way, what do we do with the scandal of particularity?

Main Text: John 14:6 (1-6)