I Am With You 10: True Vine

Series  Overview: This 5-session series dives a little deeper into the metaphor of Jesus as the Vine. His Father is the Vineyard owner and caretaker. Our mission statement comes from this imagery. We are connected to life in Jesus! Because of that reality, we are sure to receive the benefits of this relationship as they are unpacked during the weeks in October.

True Vine, part 5: Provision
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Focus: We love it when God takes care of us. Sometimes, though, we don’t like it when He cares for our enemies. We’d rather have them take care of themselves! What does this reveal about our hearts? If our households only take care of ourselves, we will never be able to be Household Wells. We need a reformation of the heart. 

Main Text: Jonah 4:1-11


True Vine, part 4: Security
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Focus: Israel was plagued with the ongoing threat of enemy countries who were next-door neighbors oppressing them. Their history is littered with occupation and slavery. This promise from the prophet Micah promises a day when there will be no more war, no more oppression. And, that every person will sit under his/her own VINE. This proverb is used frequently in Scripture to paint the picture of security. How do you experience this VINE in your life?

Main Text: Micah 4:1-5


True Vine, part 3: Power
Pastor Matt Wipperman

Focus:  The walk to Calvary includes this brief exchange with a fig tree that is not fulfilling its God-given purpose in the world. It is not producing figs. So Jesus tells it, that it’s done being a fig tree. The disciples are stunned that it dies so quickly. Then Jesus tells them that they can and will do even greater things than this. Power is given to those who are connected to life in Jesus. How is it accessed? 

Main Texts: Matthew 21:18-22


True Vine, part 2: Wellness
Pastor Matt Wipperman

Focus:  I have a colleague who responds to “How are you?” with “Blessed by the Lord.” I always want to ask him, “How so? In what ways? How have you seen that to be true lately?” The biblical word blessed is such a grand expression that sometimes it becomes a throw-away concept. So, try this one on…..wellness. Those who are connected to life in Jesus experience wellness! 

Main Text: Psalm 128


True Vine, part 1: Fruitful
Pastor Jeff Meyer

Focus: Connections matter. Some connections don’t deliver the results that were promised. Most don’t, actually. There is one connection that does. As people who are connected to life in Jesus (that’s us!!) we reap the benefits of His life flowing through us. And, working with this very apropos metaphor this month, since we are branches connected to the TRUE VINE, we can expect to be fruitful! 

Main Text: Isaiah 27 & John 15:1-8