What If You Die Without a Will?

Do you know what happens at death if you have no will? Generally state law dictates what happens to your remaining wealth – your investments, house, vacation property, etc. If you live in Wisconsin then Wisconsin law dictates what happens, but if you own a second residence out-of-state, then that state’s laws may be relevant as well. An exception exists where you have already dictated where certain assets go – for example, the beneficiary of an IRA or an insurance product.

Without a will several unintended results can occur:

  • There may be no direction as to who will raise minor children and who will manage the remaining assets on their behalf.
  • Final distribution of estate assets is greatly delayed when handled by the courts.
  • Sizeable wealth may be left to young adults who are unable to responsibly manage the wealth.
  • Legal costs of administering the estate are higher.
  • There is no legacy – nothing goes to your church or to other charitable causes that may be dear to your heart.

So with all these negative consequences why do people die without a will? Younger people think they’re too young to worry about such matters. Others don’t want to incur the legal costs, while others simply don’t want to think about this unpleasant event. Many don’t realize the amount of wealth they have accumulated. Yet we all know death can occur at any time and we need to be prepared. Others are relying on us.

1impact Community Endowment Fund is a permanent fund established to provide financial assistance to others in our community and church body in purposeful and enriching ways.  This fund is separate from the operating fund used to run daily and normal operations of the Church.  The purpose of the 1impact Community Endowment Fund is to receive gifts and bequests for the further growth of our church and the mission and ministry of the Church – to connect people to life in Jesus!

An Endowment fund is designed to preserve the principal and use the earnings to fulfill our mission.  The Fund provides a permanent source of support. Please consider including our endowment fund in your will.

Part of making a charitable bequest is demonstrating your values and beliefs to your family, reinforcing what you have done during life and setting an example of kindness to people you may never know, but wish to assist. You become an immortal philanthropist.

Interested in hearing more? Contact anyone on the 1impact Endowment Fund committee: Rich Frohmader, Peter or Candi Huebner, Cindy Simon, Jim Haas, Brian Wilmot, or Pastor Jeff. Your conversations and decisions always are kept in confidence. We can refer you to attorneys in the area or help your existing attorney add the endowment fund to your will. We also have a gift planner on retainer who provides free advice. Please feel free to call any of us.

            The good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart.  Luke 6:45

Rich Frohmader, Partner with Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP, has been with the firm since 1989. He is a Manufacturing/Distribution Services Group Tax Partner and a member of the Baker Tilly Renewable Team. Rich previously served as the Firm’s Tax Director. He has over 30 years of public accounting experience, including over ten years with an international firm.


The Church Leadership Board - Meet the Nominees


On Sunday, December 13th, from 12pm-1pm, our church will have its Annual Voters Meeting. A few key points of the agenda include learning about the ministry plan for the church and electing board members. This year we are electing two board members for full three year terms and welcoming another new board member to complete a one year term.

I find the Annual Voters Meeting is the perfect chance to become more informed about some of the servant leaders of the Church as well as the specific ministry plan of the church. And in preparation for electing new board members, here is just a little information about each person. You can also meet the rest of the Leadership Board here.

Laura Potter - Board Nominee

Laura lives in Oregon with her husband Jim and attends the Church in Fitchburg.. She loves gardening and she has several animals including 15 chickens! Laura & Jim have six grown daughters and seven grandchildren.

When Laura was searching for a church home in 1991, she was drawn to the Church because of the friendly people. Over the years, she has served in many ways including Sunday school and altar guild.

Laura attends lifeGroup with the Huebners and also is intentional about living life together with the people in her neighborhood. As a board member, she is most looking forward to serving and using her gifts in a different way than she has in the past.

Eldon McLaury - Board Nominee

Eldon and his wife Ginny live in Fitchburg and attend the Church in Fitchburg. Eldon grew up on a farm in Iowa, served in the Army, and after college went on to a career in waterfall management.  He and Ginny have lived on several National Wildlife Refuges.  They have three married sons and nine grandchildren.

When Eldon moved to Madison in 1981, he looked for a Missouri Synod church and found CMLC.  Once he attended, he became friends with Fred and Carol Tiemann, who introduced him to Dick Lee (wife Judy) who later built their house for them!

Eldon’s lifeGroup has been assisting at Oakwood church service once a month for several years. They are building relationships with residents and that's been a pleasure.  Eldon looks forward  to serving on the board and representing the congregation.

Donna Meyer - Board appointed to complete a one year term

Donna describes herself as a single lady working full time at CUNA Mutual Group as a Project Specialist.  Music is a welcome pastime - she is a member of the worship team here and of the Unkalung Choir with the Adult Christian Education Foundation.  

Although Donna grew up in the Church in Fitchburg, she left in her early 20’s and then came back when she was a caregiver for her parents. She knows it is through God’s work through his people at the Church and His Word that she is here.

Currently, Donna is not part of a formal lifeGroup but is intentional about meeting regularly with a fellow church member in order to share life’s challenges and to learn and grow together in their relationship with Jesus. As a board member, Donna is looking forward to seeing what God will do in and through His people here at the Church in the next year as we live life together in Jesus, worship Him, and share His love with those in our neighborhoods and around the world.

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday, December 13th, for the Annual Voters Meeting. And don’t forget that the Packers play the Cowboys at 3:25 pm that day, so we won’t miss it!

Do you have other questions or comments for the Leadership Board? Sign in and leave your questions or comments in the comment section below.


2016 is Gonna be Different

Imagine the difference…

- actually giving joyfully and generously.
- actually inviting people.
- your friend actually discovering the same friendship with Jesus that you enjoy!
- a stranger searching for compassion and mercy, actually finding it in your act of friendship.

Two milestones for 2016 will make a difference. We’re hopeful that...

  • 200 people will make 16 personal and passionate invitations to their friends and neighbors to join them where they are already enthusiastically engaged at the Church!
  • We will raise our congregational financial commitment by 16%!

2016 is gonna be different.
Here are a couple other noteworthy examples of the difference you’ll see in 2016:

Gary and Beth Roberts will be joining our ministry team in Verona. Gary will be our new site leader in Verona and join our team as the Director of Community Involvement. Gary specializes in training and coaching missional leaders in the competencies of community
listening, a process he calls
Missional Listening. His primary mission is to help churches listen to their communities using the principles and practices of missional lifestyle and asset-based community development. As such he will oversee our Human Care / Mercy Ministry and help us grow in our capacity to engage and listen attentively to our community. Learn more about Gary in the Nov/Dec issue of the Good News, or check out his website at www.glroberts.com.



Our East Side Region will publicly launch in December 19th. Find out how you can be praying as you read Pastor Matt’s article.

2016 is gonna be different…

1person – 1neighborhood – 1region at a time.


Here We Come!

Who?           the Church in East Madison

What?          Public Launch

When?         Saturday, December 19th with worship at 5:00pm

Where?        258 Corporate Dr. Suite 262, the center of the first floor

Why?           To connect people to life in Jesus, where God has placed us

The Word became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighborhood. John 1:14a [MSG]

How?           I’m glad you asked how you can help…


  1. Keep praying for us, and for all of our current and future sites, that God would show us how He has sent us into our neighborhoods to be a blessing.
  2. Visit us.  Please!  Do you want to know what’s going on?  Come and see!  We already worship weekly on Saturdays at 5:00pm.
  3. Get the word out.  Tell people you know about the new site, and the option to engage with the Church possibly closer to their own neighborhood.
  4. Adopt the East Side as an attender for a season.  We are currently a pretty small group, and it can be easier to visit a place if there are a few more people.
  5. If you would like to be part of a worship team, know someone who would like to be, or if you already are and want to play once more a month, we would love to have you on the East side.

Thank you for supporting the vision of the Church, for sending us to the East side, and for praying for our activity in our neighborhoods.  Join us in praying for us all as we continue to experiment with and learn what it means to be part of the body of Christ that God has sent into our neighborhoods to live life together with, and to connect to life in Jesus.


Automate the Important

What is the most important thing you do with your money?  What carries with it the biggest consequences?  How do you make sure you always pay your mortgage, or your insurance?

Allow me a bit of latitude, if you will (please read at least to the end of the paragraph that follows this one), to suggest that the most important thing you do with your money, the thing that carries with it the biggest consequences, is returning the first portion of any money you make to the Lord.  It is more important than the money you spend on food, on a place to live, on your family, and even more important than any money you give away to help people (yes, even through the church).  The church-y word for this is tithe.

If you’re still reading, thank you!  Please believe me when I say that God doesn’t need your money.  And believe me when I tell you that I believe that the church would get along just fine without your money.  But, I almost as firmly believe that you will not get along just fine without tithing. 

How can tithing possibly be the most important thing you do with your money? 

  1. It puts God’s gifts to you in perspective.  (they are all His gifts)
  2. It honors God. 
  3. It teaches you to trust in the Giver, and not the gifts.

Have you ever wondered why conversations about how much you pledge to give to the church can be stressful?  Or why sometimes it’s hard to just give what you say you want to or feel like you give?  Check your grip on your money, and where your trust is.  Do you trust more in the gift, in your ability to manage the gift, or in the Giver?

I can tell you from experience that God will work in you through your first fruit offering to Him.  He’ll stretch your trust, and help you loosen your grip on your money.  The gift will no longer run the show.  What bigger consequences are there than becoming a slave to an insatiable master, who never intends to let you go free, or to let you live the life you were created to live.

Now, things with far lesser consequences you pay on time, every month.  You might even set up an auto payment.  So why wouldn’t you consider making your offering a recurring payment? 

I want to challenge you to give it a shot.  Sign up for our new database (Elexio) if you haven’t already, and log in to the web portal to schedule recurring online payments.