Our New Eastside Location






I’ve been waiting for quite a while to be able to write this update. As many of you know, the Church in East Madison has been looking for a permanent home for quite a while. And now we have one!

258 Corporate Drive, Madison, Suite 262 is the location of the Church in East Madison.

It’s close to the intersection [NE] of Hwy 51 and Milwaukee Street, north of Woodman’s and just behind the main Madison Post Office, in the center of the Office Building.

It was a long process trying to find a place that would work and that we could afford, but God finally led us to this space, and it’s really exciting. We met there for worship the last three Sunday nights at 5PM. And we’re starting to get a feel for what we want to do with the space. Right now it’s just metal folding chairs, sound system and wires, a projector, along with some bean bags in the kids’ room. But we’re making progress.

Our next steps are:

“In East Madison” Launch Plan –Our public launch is scheduled for this December with an Incarnational theme during Advent.

“From Corporate Drive” Facility Use Plan –Aiming to best serve the community.

“Together” lifeGroup Plan – Seeking to multiply to at least 3 groups prior to launch.

“As the Church” Prayer Campaign – Intentionally bringing our Impact Lists and Invitations before God in prayer together.

Over the last few years, we have experienced corporate worship in a YMCA, in our own living rooms, in another church’s build-ing and at the occasional park. We’ve learned a lot, and look forward to continuing to reach East Madison from this new space. Please stop by and check out the Church’s new space sometime. Join us for worship on Sunday nights at 5PM, or call me or shoot me an e-mail and I would be happy to show it off.


Enthusiastically Engaged

What do the following have in common?

discovering a fresh insight… working to build a community garden in a food desert… running… partnering with community service groups that are making a difference… worshipping at church… caring for the homeless… holding babies in the hospital nursery… subscribing to a new reading plan on the You Version Bible app…  dedicating a new business… singing in the worship team… visiting the veterans at the VA… reading the Bible… coloring prayer… writing your 7-year dream… walking in the early morning… joining the altar guild… going on a youth mission trip [for adults and students]… camping… building a house… learning how to create God Space in every conversation [faithBuilders]... biking… learning about preaching… writing a blog post... sharing a story… walking a dog… praying now

All of the above were actual invitations I have personally observed recently.

They were simply and effectively delivered through Facebook, in person, over the phone, with an email, by a hand-written note, or in a letter. Each invitation was extended naturally with eagerness because the inviter was fully and enthusiastically engaged. They loved what they were doing and saw the value in it.

There is something undeniable and unquenchable about a person who possesses a fiery passion for what they are doing. It’s contagious. Duty, obligation, burden, fear, hesitancy, all seem to melt away.

As followers of Jesus I often wonder why that joy and natural effort is so rare. I also wonder what might happen in the lives of our friends and neighbors who don’t follow Jesus if WE were to discover what we fully and enthusiastically loved as we followed Jesus. Do you think our friends and neighbors might be caught off guard and say, “I love it that they LOVE following Jesus”?

As you read this issue of the Good News ask yourself:

  • As I follow Jesus, in what am I enthusiastically and fully engaged?
  • With whom could I share my enthusiasm?

By the way, if you can’t answer these questions, start today by identifying someone who appears to be enthusiastically and fully engaged and ask them to share with you why they do what they do. This could be the first step for you to become part of a growing movement of people who are discovering the joy of an INVITATION MADE SIMPLE.


Be Generous





Why do we need to talk about being generous?
I looked the word up intending to prove that   generosity is relative, and was surprised at the definition.

1. Readiness or liberality in giving.

2. Freedom from meanness or smallness of mind or character.

3. A generous act: We thanked him for his many generosities.

4. Largeness or fullness; amplitude.

I hadn’t even considered the second definition. Generosity is certainly more than giving or sharing money, or even things, but when I think about it, usually that comes to mind first. I am   in the Detroit airport right now, and asked the person sitting next to me what she thought of when asked about generosity. She told me quite a few things, including how she had been at a chain restaurant where the waitress was so good, that she doubled the bill as a tip, and then made a point to talk with the manager to share how great a job that person had done. Here are some of the points I gleaned from all that she told me.

- We shouldn’t have to talk about being generous, it just makes sense to treat people well.

- Generosity often comes when we see ourselves in another’s shoes.

- Generosity often speaks profoundly to the   recipient, even to the extent of knowing who “your real friends are.”

- Generosity is about much more than money, and includes time, consideration, and kindness.

On my way off the plane, I helped two people with bags, and started looking for ways to be generous. Generosity is contagious!

So the assignment, if you choose to accept it, missionaries, is as follows:

Ask 2 people the question, “When you think of generosity, what comes to mind?” Be curious in the conversation and ask, “Where have you seen generosity?”

Be generous, and share the story with me at mwipperman@livelifetogether.com.



Moved to Action

I'm not sure about you, but whenever there's a large natural disaster, I always want to help, but sometimes these three questions keep me from doing so. 1) Can my small donation make a difference? 2) Will it get to the people who really need it? 3) Will it really get there quick enough to help? Check out the link below and consider a donation to "Fishers of Men Ministry". It's easy online.

Answers: 1) Even a few US dollars can go a long way in Nepal. 2) Through Fishers of Men, we know the funds will used to serve "the least and the lost" in Nepal directly with love and grace. 3) We wired previous donations less than 24 hours after the first quake and will wire more as soon as additional donations come in.

My wife, Mayme Keagy, worked side-by-side with navtive missionaries during two medical mission trips to Nepal, they've visited us here, and we are now good friends. They are the most selfless people we know. Their town was damaged but they are OK. They are now headed directly to the villages at the epicenter of the first quake that you don't hear about on the news, but where many are suffering. They also have ties in Kathmandu and will be helping there as well.

Thank you for considering even a small donation!



What Does “Comfort” Mean to You?

If you’re like me, you often take a comfortable life for granted. I don’t mean to gloss over any hardships you or your family may be facing – I recognize that illness, financial difficulties, relationship struggles, and any other number of things can sometimes make life quite uncomfortable. However, I do think that for those of us who never have to wonder if we’ll have enough food to eat each day, a safe place to spend our time, and a bed to sleep in each night, we simply don’t think about these basic comforts very often. They’re a given. But what if they weren’t?

Jesus exalted those who faced poverty and hardship: the fewer things one owned, and the more one suffered, the more acutely he or she felt the need for a Savior. And recognizing God’s saving grace in every situation – as one is more apt to do when not distracted by possessions and power – stirs a greater sense of urgency to share that love and grace!

[Then, calling the crowd to join his disciples, he said, “If any of you wants to be my follower, you must turn from your selfish ways, take up your cross, and follow me.” Mark 8:34]

The more we recognize that our time and our treasures are not our own, but God’s, and that they are tools to be used for serving others and connecting them to life in Jesus, the closer we grow to Him.

Here are just a few ways that you can serve others, for whom basic comforts might not be a given:

  • Volunteer at St. Vincent De Paul Food Pantry (svdpmadison.org/food) by hosting pantry clients, or at the Verona Area Needs Network (vanncares.org) or The River Food Pantry on Madison’s east side (riverfoodpantry.org).


  • Get involved with Habitat for Humanity of Dane County, in their mission of “bringing the community together to build homes with God’s people in need”: contact me (egumm@livelifetogether.com) or visit habitatdane.org.


  • Pray for God’s comfort – strength, encouragement, and hope – for families on mission with Wycliffe Bible Translators: Don and Pam Leonard in Southeast Asia, and Jon and Marijane Beutler and their sons in Mozambique.

And I’d love to hear from you: What does “comfort” mean to you?